General Guides

Building an eBook Collection, February 9, 2016
Webinar: Infopeople
Archived webinar sponsored by Infopeople featuring tips on how to build and manage an eBook collection.

eBook Usage in Public Libraries, 2015
PDF: Library Journal
Library Journal special publication focusing on eBooks within public libraries.

eBooks and Audiobooks, March 10, 2016
Webinar: American Libraries Live
Archived webinar sponsored by American Libraries Live on eBook and Audiobook trends and issues.

Libraries Transform, eBooks & Digital Content
Website: American Library Association
American Library Association Libraries Transform website dedicated to eBooks and digital content, featuring an eBook media and communications toolkit plus links to related resources.

Libraries Transform, Frequently Asked Questions Regarding eBooks and U.S. Libraries
Website: American Libraries Association
American Library Association Libraries Transform webpage featuring FAQ’s on eBooks and libraries.

The Present and Future of eBooks, April 10, 2015
Webinar: American Libraries Live
Archived webinar sponsored by American Libraries Live on the current state of eBooks in libraries, included forecasted trends.

What’s in Store for eBooks? Looking at the Digital Future of Libraries in 2016 and Beyond, January 4, 2016
Article: American Libraries Magazine
American Libraries Magazine article featuring an interview with four experts in the eBook field.

Why Libraries Win: Library Lending vs. eBook Subscription Services, October 21, 2015
Article: Public Libraries Online
Public Libraries Online blogpost comparing library lending services to paid eBook subscription services such as Amazon Unlimited.

Privacy & Legal Issues

eBooks and Libraries: Legal Issues for Library Administration and Staff, March 12, 2013
Webinar: Infopeople
Archived webinar sponsored by Infopeople focusing on legal and privacy issues relating to eBook collections in libraries.

Library Privacy Guidelines for eBook Lending and Digital Content Vendors
Website: American Library Association
American Library Association, Office for Intellectual Freedom, webpage dedicated to privacy issues relating to eBook and digital content lending, approved in 2015.

Marketing Strategies

eBook Merchandising, February 5, 2014
Webinar: Infopeople
Archived webinar sponsored by Infopeople on effective ways to promote and market an eBook collection to staff and patrons.