PLDS and PLAmetrics

PLDS and PLAmetrics have been discontinued. Historic PLDS data is available to subscribers in the new tool, Benchmark: Library Metrics and Trends.

Public Library Data Service

At the 2019 ALA Midwinter Meeting, the MEAC voted to cancel the FY19 PLDS survey and focus its efforts on measuring the field-reported value of the survey instead. As a result of this work and other data collection efforts PLA has underway, the MEAC voted to sunset the PLDS survey.

MEAC gathered input from library staff in town hall meetings and email discussions, as well as soliciting PLDS subscribers. Library staff reported that they wanted less redundancy in data collection, better peer comparison data about library operations, improved data training related to community indicators, and a user-friendly interface for analysis and reporting.

To that end, the MEAC and PLA havecommitted efforts toward:

  • Focusing on future data collection work on trending activities, such as technology;
  • developing a set of “typical libraries” that will help libraries better understand who their peers are and what key operational data points look like for those groups; and
  • increasing training opportunities to help library staff gain confidence in their own data skills and build a better understanding of how to use existing tools and data sets to understand their community.

The new tool, Benchmark: Library Metrics and Trends, replaces the PLDS and PLAmetrics.