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PLA 2023 Early Literacy Activities Calendar

PLA 2023 Early Literacy Activities Calendar, English version image

Based on the Every Child Ready to Read® practices of reading, writing, singing, talking, playing, and counting, PLA's 2023 Early Literacy Calendar contains twelve months of learning activities, book lists, nursery rhymes, and more. It also includes a designated spot to customize with your library’s logo and contact information. Use these calendars to help your library’s patrons engage in early literacy activities every day of the year!

The downloadable calendars are available in English or Spanish, and are available to PLA members at the discounted rate of just $23.99.

A Trauma-Informed Framework for Supporting Patrons: The PLA Workbook of Best Practices

A Trauma-Informed Framework for Supporting Patrons: The PLA Workbook of Best Practices coverBy the PLA Social Worker Task Force

Offering practical guidance and support, this workbook will spark curiosity and reflection on how everyday library interactions intersect with trauma and adversity.  

Whether it’s navigating a crisis or witnessing a community member struggling with tough times, coming face to face with trauma and adversity can be uncomfortable. But in striving to learn more about challenging behaviors, and how we can better interact with library patrons and our coworkers, we can come to see that people are complex and not simply “problems.” This workbook from the PLA Social Worker Task Force (SWTF) provides a collection of powerful tools to add to your customer service toolbox. It’s filled with prompts, exercises, and best practices that shed light on how trauma can affect people, helping you build confidence in your ability to support your library’s patrons. You will

  • delve into what trauma is and how it impacts library work; 
  • be introduced to a framework for utilizing a trauma-informed lens in your interactions; 
  • practice exercises to spur personal reflection on common concerns bound up with library work and the policies relating to these issues; and 
  • gain hand-on tools and techniques, including strategies for de-escalation and guidance on the impacts of involving law-enforcement and banning patrons.

You will also explore various scenarios which provide the opportunity to integrate what you’ve learned and practice responding through a trauma-informed lens.

Available in print.

Strategic Planning for Public Libraries

Strategic Planning for Public Libraries cover imageBy Joy L. Fuller

Strategic Planning for Public Libraries, by Joy L. Fuller, is PLA’s newest publication. Available as both a digital version and a print/e-book bundle, Strategic Planning for Public Libraries is a complete planning toolkit. Each purchase comes with a downloadable supplemental folder full of reusable templates, worksheets, as well as real-life examples from other libraries to help guide the reader through the planning process. This book provides a framework that any library, whether it serves urban, suburban, or rural communities, can use as a basis for its strategic planning.

Supported by research conducted across more than 200 public library professionals and in-depth interviews with more than twenty library directors and leaders throughout the country, this book addresses some of the key areas of strategic planning that librarians care about most:

  • Engaging the community
  • Measuring progress against the plan
  • Reaching non-users
  • Creating a living document that can be continually updated
  • How to conduct a community assessment
  • Engaging staff

Available as both a digital version and a print/e-book bundle.

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Quick Reads Digital Downloads (published 2016–2018)

Digital downloads in the PLA Quick Reads series are all about helping you make the best use of your time by covering important topics in public librarianship in a quick, practical, and direct way. The goal is to shed light on an essential topic quickly and because busy public librarians don’t have a ton of time, each of the publications is under 100 pages. They were published between 2016–2018; no further books will be released in the series.

Free to PLA members! Teaching Early Literacy to Teen Parents – To claim your free, PLA member copy, visit the PLA Member Library (login required*)

To order any of the books just complete this order form, fax it to 312-280-5029, and we’ll email you your Quick Reads digital download a.s.a.p.

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