Digital Issues of Public Libraries Magazine

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In order to be more accessible, responsive, and sustainable, Public Libraries magazine is going digital for the July/August and September/October 2020 issues. Instead of a paper issue, PLA will produce and email an easy-to-access digital flipbook and PDF version to all PLA members and magazine subscribers. Instead of passively reading, the digital flipbook allows you to interact with the content—sending you where you want to go in real time. Moving to digital also frees us from rigid print deadlines, so our magazine contributors can produce the most responsive and timely content to our readers.

Archives of the latest digital issues of Public Libraries are below.

2021 Issues (Volume 60)    
July/August 2021 (Volume 60, No. 4) Flipbook PDF
May/June 2021 (Volume 60, No. 3) Flipbook PDF
2020 Issues (Volume 59)    
September/October 2020 (Volume 59, No. 5) Flipbook PDF
July/August 2020 (Volume 59, No. 4) Flipbook PDF
May/June 2020 (Volume 59, No. 3) Flipbook PDF