Leadership Development

Five Forces

Force 1

The Nature and Pace of Change
Change is constant and libraries are adapting to the external forces—from demographic and cultural shifts to workforce changes and service new constituencies. How we constitute organizations and human resources to embrace change will determine our future success.
Force 2

The Evolving Role of the Public Library
Our core services evolve and adapt to a dynamic environment in which changes in technology and publishing are influencing information access and reading.
Force 3

Building Community
Thriving 21st Century libraries understand community. They welcome partnerships, participate in public policy dialogue, function as nimble and flexible agencies and seek innovative approaches to public service.
Force 4

Asset Driven Impact
Public libraries bring quality of live to our residents. Effectively communicating and demonstrating our community impact is a core value in achieving success.
Force 5

The Challenge for Leadership
Developing leaders is essential to advance the public library mission.