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The following facilitators were trained to deliver Turning the Page content by the Public Library Association. We are proud to list them here as a resource for your library’s implementation of Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries Strengthening Communities. They are listed alphabetically by first name.

If you are interested in a facilitated training for your library, please review the list below and contact the facilitator directly. PLA cannot support implementation at your library, but we hope we have provided enough information here to assist you in choosing the right facilitator for your needs. It will be up to you and your chosen facilitator to negotiate the terms of the training, including dates, times, delivery modes, and any fees.

Brenda Hough
Independent Library Instructor and Consultant
Lawrence, Kans.

Brenda is available to train online only

Brenda can be contacted at:

Brenda Hough has been a librarian for 20 years. She has delivered training and instruction for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WebJunction, the Public Library Association, Infopeople, the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, Emporia State University, the Northeast Kansas Library System, UIUC's Certified Public Library Administrator program, and more.

Catherine Hakala-Ausperk
Owner and Consultant, Libraries Thrive Consulting
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Cathy is available to train both in-person and online

Cathy can be contacted at:

I've taught dozens of segments of Turning The Page 2.0, as well as  a "Strengthening Community Partnerships" class for The Edge Initiative. I'm also an adjunct Instructor for Kent State University's Library School, where I teach management.

Christine Friese
Assistant Director, Portsmouth Public Library
Portsmouth, N.H.

Christine is available to train both in-person and online

Christine can be contacted at:

While Assistant State Librarian in Vermont, I had the pleasure of teaching Turning the Page 2.0 and am thrilled to see this new iteration. If there are libraries who want some help in implementing this great series, I'm happy to help in whatever ways I can.

Colette Ellis
Founder, InStep Consulting LLC
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Colette is available to train both in-person and online

Colette can be contacted at:

Colette Ellis is a facilitator and executive coach with 20 years of professional experience helping social impact leaders deal with change. A member of the first Turning the Page team, Colette has advised numerous leaders to develop compelling cases for public support, create fundraising and community outreach campaigns, and build sustainable partnerships to support their library initiatives. She is founder and principal of InStep Consulting LLC, a capacity-building consulting firm based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Donna McDonald
Director, Arkansas River Valley Regional Library System
Dardanelle, Ark.

Donna is available to train both in-person and online

Donna can be contacted at:

Past President and member of the Arkansas State Library Board, past President of United for Libraries, and current Board member United for Libraries. Past member ALA Advocacy Committee.

Jeffrey Courouleau
Library Consultant, State Library of Louisiana
Baton Rouge, La.

Jeffrey is available to train both in-person and online

Jeffrey can be contacted at:

I am a Library Consultant with the Department of Library Development at the State Library of Louisiana. I also serve as State E-rate Coordinator.

Jill Bremer
Principal, The Edge Executive Coaching & Training
Lombard, Ill.

Jill is available to train both in-person and online

Jill can be contacted at:

I've been part of the Turning the Page project since its inception in 2008, training hundreds of librarians around the country both live and online. It would be my pleasure to bring this program to life with your group! Please check out my website for more information about myself and my company.

Laurie Brown
Trainer, The Difference
Ferndale, Mich.

Laurie is available to train both in-person and online

Laurie can be contacted at:

Laurie is passionate about libraries. She has worked with many libraries though Turning the Page become better advocates.

Libby Post
President, Communication Services, a library advocacy firm
Albany, N.Y.

Libby is available to train both in-person and online

Libby can be contacted at:

Since 2005, Libby Post has been working extensively with public libraries across the country on advocacy and public votes. She was a United for Libraries Advocacy Trainer through the organization’s Neal-Shuman Library Advocacy Grant and sits on ALA Library Advocacy Committee. She has an 80% success rate for library budget, redistricting, funding initiatives and building referendum votes.

Marc David Horowitz
Director, North Babylon Public Library
North Babylon, N.Y.

Marc is available to train in-person only

Marc can be contacted at:

Turning the Page 2.0 trained 2013. Library director since 1999 serving a community of 31,000 with a staff of 70, seven days/week program. Available for Long Island, N.Y. metro area.

Portia Latalladi
Branch Manager, Chicago Public Library
Chicago, Ill.

Portia is available to train in-person only

Portia can be contacted at:

Portia Latalladi, is a dynamic public librarian who understands the importance of a library to its community. She actively pursues avenues to create partnerships between local businesses, community organizations and libraries.

Stephanie Gerding
Independent Library Consultant
Seattle, Wash.

Stephanie is available to train both in-person and online

Stephanie can be contacted at:

Stephanie provides online training, in-person workshops, and professional development and evaluation consultations for clients around the world. Recent projects include evaluation of the Infopeople Eureka! Leadership program, project manager for the IMLS grant funded CE Connector project led by the Chief Officers of State Libraries (COSLA), grant reviewer and advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, facilitator/online trainer for the Public Library Association's national advocacy project, Turning the Page 2.0, consulting and training with TechSoup, and training needs assessments for state and national organizations.