Inclusive Internship Initiative

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Inclusive Internship Initiative Application Preview

  • Applicant Information: Library, Address, City, State, Zip;
  • Application Contact: Title, Email, Phone;
  • Mentor Contact: Title, Email, Phone;
  • Number of FTE at library;
  • Number of high schools in service area;
  • Does your library work with teen interns? Y/N, if Y, how many and briefly describe their duties;
  • Does your library employ teens? Y/N, if Y how many and briefly describe their duties;
  • What does diversity and inclusivity mean to your community? What strategies would your library use to recruit a diverse intern? (250 words);
  • How will your library support the mentor and intern in co-developing a project that encourages connected learning and relates to the priorities of the library?;
  • The library supports (check all that apply):
    • Risk taking;
    • Delegating;
    • Trying new things and new ways of working;
    • Ongoing learning and growth;
  • Please affirm your commitment to the following (check all that apply):
    • The library is responsible for recruiting and managing the intern. PLA will provide stipend funds of $3,500 for the summer, which must be used for direct intern support;
    • The library has the support of the library director/administration to submit this application and the library has HR processes in place to support the intern;
    • Mentors are expected to attend two in-person events, participate in online learning and networking and spend an average of 5 hours a week in direct contact with the intern;
    • Mentor job descriptions will not need to change or violate union rules to allow for short-term intern management;
    • Interns will be allowed some schedule flexibility for vacations and other obligations;
    • Mentors are required to share what we are learning throughout their organization and community;
    • Mentors will need to have a visible presence to other mentors and interns and be willing to engage with participants outside of my library;
    • The assigned mentor will be able to travel with the library’s intern to a kick-off event in mid-June in Washington, DC and a wrap up event in late September in Chicago. Grant funds will cover travel, hotel, and meal expenses for interns and mentors at these events;
  • Bonus Question (optional): During the kick-off event, library mentors will present a master class on library services and values, pitched to resonate with teen audiences.Topics may include the role of the library in civic engagement and giving back, making, intellectual freedom, community outreach, advocacy, innovation labs and all things digital as well as the common, uniting love of reading. If your library would like to be considered to present master class content, please tell us in no more than 250 words what topic you would cover and why you think interns would find it interesting. This question is optional.

For more information, please see the FAQ and Guidelines.

PLA will present a free, "office hours"-type webinar on Jan 7, 2020 at 1:00 PM Central. During this webinar, past III mentors who will share their insights and experiences from participating in this program; and PLA staff will go over the application process, deadlines, and program requirements. PLA staff and past mentors will be available to answer any questions your library has about applying to or participating in the program. Register for the free webinar.

How To Apply

The application to host an intern over Summer 2020 is now open, and will close on February 3, 2020: