PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentives, supported by AT&T

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Current Incentive Programs:

About PLA’s Collaboration with AT&T

Community members come into public libraries every day, hoping to complete life tasks many of us take for granted, but sometimes lacking the basic computer skills needed to accomplish them. PLA offers digital literacy programs to help you help patrons reach their goals. A national PLA collaboration with AT&T has added both content and local partnership opportunities to encourage public libraries and other community partners to promote and teach digital skills together using the DigitalLearn platform!

With support from AT&T as part of AT&T Connected Learning and the company’s commitment to bridge the digital divide, PLA has been able to add and update more than a dozen online DigitalLearn courses, and develop 9 new complete training packages. Materials are available in both English and Spanish. All DigitalLearn materials are free to use.

Previous Incentive Programs:

The 2022 PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive, supported by AT&T, helped to support library adoption of the PLA DigitalLearn online courses and training materials developed with support from AT&T which are freely available at Over 150 libraries were selected in 2022 to take part in the program. They used funds to support and promote the use of DigitalLearn in their communities working to build digital skills and narrow the digital divide. 1,544 DigitalLearn workshops were conducted from September 2022–March 2023. The program engaged 8,134 learners from all regions of the United States.