Technical Requirements and Support for Webinar Panelists

PLA uses the Zoom platform for its webinars and online meetings.

Test your connection to Zoom

Join a test meeting

"How Do I Join a Meeting?” Video Tutorial (53 seconds)

System Requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux

Audio for Panelists

Once you've joined the webinar, there are two ways to connect your audio: via computer or via telephone.

Computer Audio: To use computer audio, a microphone—such as a headset with a microphone, or a USB or inline microphone—is required. Although a built-in computer or laptop microphone can be used, it is not preferred.

If you do not have the required microphone, then on-screen prompts will instruct you how to call in using a telephone.

Telephone Audio: If you're using a telephone for audio, and joining by computer for the screen share: First join from your computer and note your unique participant ID, then dial-in for audio and enter your ID when prompted so Zoom knows you’re the same person.