The Thinking Person's Guide to Stress Management

The Thinking Person's Guide to Stress Management On-Demand Webinars imageThere’s no denying that working in a public library today can get a little stressful. Join PLA and instructor Pat Wagner for some stress management ideas for public library staff that go beyond popping vitamins, watching funny movies, or drinking adult beverages.

Pat shares a successful stress management plan that includes four main strategies:

  • Preparing for a stressful event or day;
  • Finding respite to re-energize during the workday;
  • Repairing the physical and emotional damage during and after difficult times; and
  • Preventing unhealthy stress with better choices.

The key to success is to customize these strategies with techniques that fit your lifestyle and culture. This stress management model has features that can be applied at home and work. It addresses what leaders and managers can do to lower unhealthy stress levels in the workplace (sorry, those sugar donuts will have to go) and identifies mistakes even good supervisors make, such as letting people sit at their desks all day. (“Really, I don’t need to take a break.”)

Topics include stress management myths, what works most of the time for most people, and what stress-relief activities reasonably can be held at the library, like brainstorming exercises and a stress quiz that can be shared with your public library co-workers and employees.

This archived webinar was originally presented January 23, 2013.

Running time: 1 hour, 2 minutes

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this on-demand webinar, participants will:

  • Identify workplace and personal behaviors that lead to unhealthy stress;
  • Develop and implement workplace rituals that promote wellness; and
  • Develop and practice personal routines to promote better sleep habits, healthier diet, and more exercise.

Who Should Attend

All public library staff.


Pat Wagner, management consultant, Pattern Research Inc., Denver, Colo.

Pat Wagner has been a trainer and consultant for libraries since 1978. She owns Pattern Research Inc., a 38-year-old research and training business with her husband Leif Smith. Pat specializes in personnel, management, leadership, marketing, and career issues and has an active practice as a trainer and consultant at the national, state, and local levels. She has worked for libraries and library organizations in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Pat is also a frequent speaker at national library conferences, including ALA, SLA, AALL, ACRL, LLAMA, and PLA and is a continuing education trainer for the Medical Library Association. Pat currently conducts much of her work online via webinars and online courses. She also shares her ideas via library print and social media outlets and contributes to library newsletters and journals, online conferences, and leadership institutes.



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