Designing Spaces for People, Not Collections

PLA 2016 Rewind: Post-Conference Webinar Series On-Demand logoLibrary space design traditionally begins with contents and collections. Dokk1, Aarhus (Denmark) Public Libraries' new main library that opened in 2015, embodies a shift in philosophy: library design for people. Through a highly inclusive process the library became a space that empowers its citizens. This on-demand webinar focuses on planning spaces for discovery, creation, participation, learning, performing, and innovation. Whether you are thinking about repurposing space, renovating, or building a new library, designing for people is an essential space planning concept.

This archived webinar was originally presented on November 2, 2016, as the third in the three-webinar PLA 2016 Rewind: Post-Conference Webinar Series with "Developing Truly Effective Performance Evaluations" and "Beyond Bilingual Storytime and ESL: Digging Deeper into Your Spanish Speaking Community."

Running time: 59 minutes


At the conclusion of this on-demand webinar, participants will:

  • Understand space planning and design that centers on people and community;
  • Have gained ideas of the value of partnership and collaboration in creating 21st century libraries; and
  • Have an understanding of the modern library philosophy.

Who Should Attend

All public library staff, library directors, and strategic planners.


Marie ØstergårdMarie Østergård has been the project leader of the construction of Dokk1 from 2005 until its opening in 2015. And as such has been deeply engaged in the development and design of both spaces, user involvement, strategy, and services in Dokk1. Since the opening, Marie has taken on the position as head of Community Engagement, Partnerships and Communication, continuing to work with involvement processes of both users and partners in the continuous re-creation and development of spaces, relations, and services.





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