Leadership Workshop for Women: Tapping the Power of the Female Vision

A Two-Part Webinar Series

In this two-part webinar series, Sally Helgesen offers concrete, actionable practices for women seeking to transition to the next level of leadership while maximizing their contribution to their organization. The series is also suitable for men who manage women and seek to develop their talents to the full. Sally's work with women leaders around the world shows that women who sustain power and influence share four characteristics. They are visionary, connected, intentional, and present. To be visionary means to concisely articulate a distinctive vision, passion, point of view, or commitment based on what you authentically notice and manifest it as part of your personal brand. To be connected means to confidently leverage internal and external networks in order to enlist support for your vision, based on the recognition that its benefits will be both worthwhile and reciprocal. To be intentional means being able to distinguish what to embrace and what to let go as you move to a higher level and assume more responsibility in the world. To be present means exhibiting leadership presence by being fully in the moment, a balancing act that requires setting policies around how you use time and technology in order to improve the quality of human interactions.

Part I

Originally presented January 20, 2016.

Part I focuses on helping women to tap their power by representing their vision and using it to foster connections.

Part II

Originally presented January 27, 2016.

Part II focuses on helping women to be more intentional about their development and to ground their leadership presence in the capacity to be fully present.

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