Developing Truly Effective Performance Evaluations

How do we move from a scattershot evaluation process which nearly everyone dreads to one that effectively resolves issues and motivates employees to stretch with full managerial support? The Toledo-Lucas County (Ohio) Public Library has developed a hybrid evaluation process that achieves these goals yet remains flexible enough to work for all employees. Based on a plank of its new Strategic Plan in which the library seeks to “foster a culture of innovation and leadership,” the new instrument is a fillable form and includes space for employee input and mutually agreed upon performance goals. It has become a great career development and customer service training tool that also develops managerial and teamwork skills.

By creating a “bank” of SMART goals, and instituting a peer review process for draft evaluations, managers and staff are living the institutional values of being innovative, accountable, objective, and collaborative. The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is excited to share new ideas its staff has developed on a topic that is often overlooked at conferences. Most people dread evaluations; this library has worked hard to make them inspirational and effective. Hear their story and see what they’ve developed.

Originally presented September 7, 2016, as the first in the three-webinar PLA 2016 Rewind: Post-Conference Webinar Series.

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