ALA eLearning

How to Register a Colleague, a Group, or with a Purchase Order

These instructions pertain to PLA live and on-demand webinars available in the ALA eLearning catalog.

Need to purchase registration on behalf of a colleague?

You can purchase registration on behalf of your colleagues. Simply give them the signup code for the event they need to access to, and they can redeem it in their own ALA eLearning account; the account that made the purchase and the account that redeems the signup code to enroll in the event do not need to be the same. Each signup code is valid for one registration.

Need to register a group of 3 or more?

You can also register a group for a webinar by specifying the number of people who will be accessing the event during checkout. Groups of 3–6 registrants receive a 30% discount; groups of 7–12 registrants receive a 35% discount; groups of 13–19 registrants receive a 40% discount. To register 20 or more individuals for a webinar, please contact

Need to register with a purchase order?

To register yourself, colleagues, or a group for a webinar with a purchase order, the purchaser needs to have an ALA eLearning account. Don’t have an account? Create one for free by going to the “log in” menu located at the top right corner of the ALA eLearning catalog.

If the purchaser already has an ALA eLearning account, then email the purchase order request to ALA’s Member Relations & Services (MRS) team at MRS staff will reach out to the purchaser and assist with making the purchase. MRS staff will include all requisite remittance instructions when processing the purchase order.

Once the order has been entered, the purchaser will receive a confirmation email containing the webinar signup code(s) as indicated in the order. The purchaser must give the signup code(s) to the intended enrollee(s), who will each need to login to their own ALA account and redeem the signup code in their own ALA eLearning dashboard to complete their enrollment.