PLA Founding Donors

Thanks to the Founding Donors of PLA’s 2018 Campaign!

In 2018, PLA kicked off a new individual giving campaign, giving PLA members and others the opportunity to support the work of public libraries. PLA thanks the following past presidents, board members, executive directors, staff, and partners who led this effort with their generous support. Includes donations made in ALA Fiscal Year 2018, ending August 31, 2018.

$1,000 and over

Clara Bohrer*
Jessica Dorr
Deborah L. Jacobs
Christopher Jowaisas
Sarah Ann Long*
Brian Lyons and Karen Danczak Lyons
Barbara Macikas
Pamela Smith

$500 to $999

Ginnie Cooper*
Sari Feldman*
Keith Michael Fiels
June Garcia*
Toni Garvey*
Christine Hage*
Luis Herrera*
Susan Hildreth*
Darren Hoerner
Gina Millsap
Larry Neal*
Vailey Oehlke*
Jo Ann Pinder*
Charlie Robinson*†
Marcia A. Warner*

$100 to $499

Scott G. Allen and Steven Hofmann
Carolyn Anthony*
Helena Asamoah-Hassan
Peggy Barber
Nancy Bolt*
Charles M. Brown*
Audra L. Caplan*
Stephanie Chase
Harriet Coalter*
Chris Coward
Judith Drescher*
Ron* and Bonnie Dubberly
Cindy Fesemyer
Amy Gipson
Michelle Jeske
Susan Kent*
Richard Kong
Rhea Brown Lawson
Gerald Leitner
Buhle Mbambo-Thata
Gertrude Kayaga Mulindwa
James Neal
George Needham
Patrick O’Brien*
Eva Poole*
Robert Rohlf*‡
Caroline Rosenberg
Kay K. Runge, MLS*
Donald J. Sager*‡
Ramiro Salazar
Joel Sam
Jan Sanders*
Carol Sheffer*
Elliott Shelkrot*‡
Tracy Strobel
Felton Thomas*
Kelvin Watson
Carrie Willson
Pat Woodrum*
Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne

Under $100

Mary Hirsh
Christine Mackenzie
Angela Maycock
Linda Mielke*
Rebecca Sears
Greta Southard
Jacinta Were


* Past PLA President
Donations given in memory of Past PLA President Charlie Robinson by Clara Bohrer, Ginnie Cooper, Ron Dubberly, Susan Kent, and Jo Ann Pinder
Donations given in memory of Past PLA Presidents Robert Rohlf, Donald J. Sager, and Elliott Shelkrot by anonymous donors