Candidate for PLA President (2024–2025)

Jessica Dorr

Candidate for PLA President (2024–2025) Jessica Dorr


Jessica Dorr is the director of the Boise Public Library in Boise, Idaho. In this role, she oversees a staff of 120 across five locations serving Idaho's largest city. Prior to joining the library, Jessica worked at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in a variety of roles over two decades supporting libraries in the US and internationally. She was part of major initiatives such as the original US Library Program, where she helped connect small and rural libraries to the internet, often for the first time. Then, with Global Libraries she worked to strengthen connections between PLA and library associations outside the US, with a focus on network and leadership development.

When not in a library, Jessica can be found on the sidelines with her husband cheering as their two children throw, hit, and catch things; trying to keep up with her dog on walks through the Boise Foothills; and occasionally recovering from a mountain biking injury.​​​​​​

Personal Statement

“I became a librarian because libraries change lives, and my career has centered around providing steady leadership during times of transformation. During the pandemic, when libraries rose to the challenge and pivoted to serve their communities in new and innovative ways, PLA also created a vibrant, comprehensive strategic plan to address the needs of today's library leaders. My experience working with libraries around the world to collectively address shared challenges will help PLA achieve its mission of positioning libraries at the heart of communities. Realizing PLA's vision for the future will require all of us to work together in new ways. I believe PLA, with its membership, reach, and credibility, is exactly the right organization to lead the field as we create this future together. I would be honored to play a part in making it happen.”