Continuing Education Advisory Group


To advise PLA on the identification, development and evaluation of relevant, cost-effective, and emerging face-to-face and online continuing education products and services.

Deliverables and outcomes:

  • Review all proposals received in PLA’s biannual (twice per year) ­­­call for webinars
  • Identify key trends, issues, and challenges currently facing public libraries and ensure they are represented in PLA webinars and other educational programming
  • Increase equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice by helping PLA identify educational programming that represents diverse groups and points of view

Expected time commitment:

  • Attend ALA Midwinter Meeting and ALA Annual Conference (8 hours/year plus travel time)
  • Review PLA webinar proposals (2–3 hours/year)
  • Attend virtual meetings (2–3 hours/year)
  • Review and respond to emails and ALA Connect messages (2–3 hours/year)

Desired skills, knowledge, or experience:

  • Ability to represent and advocate for current professional development needs in the public library field
  • Familiarity with current issues and challenges facing public libraries
  • Expertise in one or more core areas of library services (e.g. Serving Adults, Serving Youth, Tech Services, Leadership, Technology, etc.)


Ms. Krista D. Riggs
(Co-Chair, July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023)
Mr. Roosevelt Weeks
(Co-Chair, July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023)
Dr. Jennifer Brown
(Member, July 1, 2022, to July 31, 2024)
Cotina M. Jones
(Member, July 1, 2022, to March 1, 2023)
Elizabeth Ludemann
(Member, July 1, 2022, to July 31, 2024)
Caitlin Moen
(Member, July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2023)
Ms. Krista D. Riggs
(Member, July 1, 2021, to January 19, 2023)
Craig L. Scott
(Member, July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2023)
Becca M. Sexton
(Member, July 1, 2022, to July 31, 2024)
Paul Joseph Signorelli
(Member, July 1, 2022, to July 31, 2024)
Tracy R. Strobel
(Member, July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2023)
Angela Maycock
(Staff Liaison, July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2025)

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Appointed by the President, 1 chair and up to 10 members (minimum 1 chair and 4 members). Electronic members are welcome.


Established at the request of the PLA Board.

Staff Liaison

Angela Maycock

Manager, Continuing Education


Get Involved

To be a thriving, vibrant organization, PLA must have committed and active committee members. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please read and fill out the online volunteer form.

  • Volunteers are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • Appointments are made by the PLA President and President-Elect, primarily in the spring.
  • Volunteers must be members of ALA and PLA.

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