Past PLA Conferences

Offered biennially, the PLA Conference is the premier event for public libraries, drawing thousands of librarians, library support staff, trustees, friends, and library vendors from across the country and around the world. This multi-day event offers over 100 top-quality education programs, social events that include author luncheons and networking receptions, and a bustling exhibits hall featuring the latest in products and services.

Below is a list of past PLA Conferences, 1983 to present, including theme (if any), dates, location, and conference chair.

  • PLA 2024 Conference
    April 3–5, 2024, Columbus, OH
    Conference Chair: Melanie Huggins

  • PLA 2022 Conference
    March 23–25, 2022, Portland, OR
    Conference Co-Chairs: Michelle M. Jeske and Carrie N. Willson

  • PLA 2020 Conference
    February 25–29, 2020, Nashville, TN
    Conference Chair: Felton Thomas, Jr.

  • PLA 2018 Conference: Imagine the Possibilities
    March 20–24, 2018, Philadelphia, PA
    Conference Chair: Richard Kong

  • PLA 2016 Conference: Be Extraordinary
    April 5–9, 2016, Denver, CO
    Conference Chair: Marcellus Turner

  • PLA 2014 Conference
    March 11–15, 2014, Indianapolis, IN
    Conference Chair: Larry Neal

  • PLA 2012 Conference
    March 13–17, 2012, Philadelphia, PA
    Conference Chair: Karen Danczak Lyons

  • PLA 2010: 13th National Conference
    March 23–27, 2010, Portland, OR
    Conference Co-Chairs: Elizabeth E. Bingham and Kay K. Runge

  • PLA 2008: 12th National Conference
    March 25–29, 2008, Minneapolis, MN
    Conference Chair: Raymond Santiago

  • PLA 2006: 11th National Conference
    March 21–25, 2006, Boston, MA
    Conference Chair: Toni Garvey

  • PLA 2004: 10th National Conference
    Feb 24–28, 2004, Seattle, WA
    Conference Chair: Clara Nalli Bohrer

  • PLA 2002: Ninth National Conference
    March 12–16, 2002, Phoenix, AZ
    Conference Chair: Christine Lind Hage

  • PLA 2000: Eighth National Conference
    March 28–April 1, 2000, Charlotte, NC
    Conference Chair: Fran C. Freimarck

  • PLA Seventh National Conference: Public Libraries: Vital, Valuable, Virtual
    March 10–14, 1998, Kansas City, MO
    Conference Chair: Sarah Long

  • PLA Sixth National Conference: Access for All: The Public Library Promise
    March 26–30, 1996, Portland, OR
    Conference Chair: June Garcia

  • PLA Fifth National Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration: New Ideas: A PLA Tradition
    March 22–26, 1994, Atlanta, GA
    Conference Chair: Susan Goldberg

  • PLA Fourth National Conference: Public Libraries: FYI
    March 20–23, 1991, San Diego, CA
    Conference Chair: Charles W. Robinson

  • PLA Third National Conference: Public Libraries: Bridges to the 21st Century
    April 27–30, 1988, Pittsburgh, PA
    Conference Chair: Donald J. Sager

  • PLA Second National Conference: Public Libraries: Gateways to Growth
    April 2–5, 1986, St. Louis, MO
    Conference Chair: Pat Woodrum

  • PLA First National Conference: Serving People: Public Libraries Today and Tomorrow
    March 23–26, 1983, Baltimore, MD
    Conference Chair: Charles W. Robinson