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Committee Charge

The NMRT Web Committee serves as the NMRT Web site manager and the liaison to ALA's Web staff. The Committee's responsibilities include developing and recommending editorial policies, procedures, and guidelines for publishing and disseminating information on the NMRT Web site; making recommendations to improve content, organization, design, and enhancements that will meet the needs of members; and maintaining the Web site by adding submitted pages and modifying existing pages according to established guidelines.

History of the Committee

The Web Committee was formed in the year 2000. It had previously been a portion of the charge for the Publicity Committee. They post all the items from other various committees to the ALA Content Management System.

Major Responsibilities

The uploading and maintenance of all NMRT web pages. Interactions with a liaison from all other NMRT committees allows this procedure to be a continual process.

Committee Members

Chair: Stacy Hisle-Chaudri (sdh17440@gmail.com)

Assistant Chair: Hannah Pearson (h.pearson@csuohio.edu)


Katherine Michelle Haffner, kmichellehaffner@gmail.com

Adrienne Keane, akeane@sccl.org

Colleen Quinn, colleen.quinn@umuc.edu

Procedures for Content Submission

  1. Follow these guidelines for creating web content for the ALA undefined Website:
    • YOU have control over the page content.
    • There will be fewer mistakes if you send a corrected page in its entirety rather than instructions on what text needs to be corrected.
    • The ALA website has a preset template that we cannot alter. Your content will go in the area not used by navigation menus.
    • The ALA website has preset styles. Concentrate on content, not style.
    • Keep graphics to a minimum.
    • Keep tables to a minimum.
    • Frames will not be accepted.
    • If submitting an RTF or TXT file, bracket text that you want linked and the URL that you want it linked to. Example: {American Library Association - http://www.ala.org}
  2. Send your content or updates to your Web Committee liaison (find your NMRT committee below if you are unsure who your web liaison is). Copy the Web Committee chair(s) in on your request, in case your liaison is out of their office.
  3. Let them know your preferred deadline (Note: we cannot promise a quick turnaround. We'll do our best, but it's in your best interest to send us your content at least a week in advance )
  4. Keep in touch with corrections and changes

Questions can be directed to the Web Committee chair(s) or your liaison.

NMRT Committees & their Web Liaison

Web Committee members are assigned to liaise with each NMRT Director and all Committees reporting to that Director. This Web Committee member should be your main contact for all web page updates. To find your liaison, find your director or committee listed below.

Leadership Director's and President's Web Liaisons:

Stacy Hisle-Chaudri

Committee webpages managed by these liaisons:

Annual Social

NMRT Professional Development Grant

Shirley Olofson Memorial Award

Online Discussion Forum

Annual Conference Professional Development Attendance Award


Liaison Coordination & Support

President's Program and Membership Meeting

Member Services Director's and Past-President's Web Liaisons:

Hannah Pearson

Committee webpages managed by these liaisons:





Resume Review

Networking Director's and Secretary's Web Liaisons:

Katherine Haffner and Colleen Quinn

Committee webpages managed by these liaisons:

Online Programs (formerly Annual Program)

Annual Conference Local Information

Midwinter Social





Outreach Director's and Vice President's Web Liaisons:

Adrienne Keane

Committee webpages managed by these liaisons:

Student and Student Chapter Outreach (SASCO)

Student Chapter of the Year Award (SCOTYA)

Membership Promotion, Diversity & Recruitment

Vice Presidential Planning