Endnotes: The Journal of the New Members Round Table

Volume 6, Number 1, June 2015

Scholarly Articles

A Cohort Study of Entry Level Librarians and the Academic Job Search by Jason B. Reed, Alexander J. Carroll and Benjamin Jahre

Interactive Library Instruction: The Use of Poll Everywhere as an Assessment Tool by Katie O’Connor

Book Reviews

Getting the word out: Academic libraries as scholarly publishers edited by Maria Bonn and Mike Furlough -- reviewed by Caitlin Shanley.

Makerspaces: A practical guide for librarians by John J. Burke -- reviewed by Anastasia Chiu

Reinventing reference: How libraries deliver value in the age of Google by Katie Elson Anderson and Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic -- reviewed by Kelly Robinson

Rethinking reference for academic libraries: Innovative developments and future trends edited by Carrie Forbes and Jennifer Bowers -- reviewed Sarah Brandt

Rightsizing the academic library collection by Suzanne M. Ward -- reviewed by Terri Gotschall

Start a revolution: Stop acting like a library by Ben Bizzle and Maria Flora -- reviewed by Sarah Gilchrist

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