Communications Committee

Committee Charge

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to solicit and produce content for NMRT Notes, the NMRT blog (

Major Responsibilities

  • Gather information and articles for the NMRT Notes.
  • Prepare member news articles (responsibility added due to disbanding of the Membership Relations Committee).
  • Submit at least one article per month for publication to the NMRT Notes.

Details on Submitting

A few things to keep in mind if you are considering submitting to the NMRT Blog:

  • There is no official word count limit for submissions, but do keep attention span in mind. Most articles range from 500 to 1500 words.
  • It is preferable, though not required, that authors submit 1-2 photos with their submissions to help pique visual interest
  • If citations are necessary for your article, please use MLA format.
  • Due to the nature of articles published, first person point of view is acceptable, but please do keep in mind that the NMRT Blog is a professional publication with your writing.
  • Please give your article a title and be sure to include authorship in the document. Also, please include a short bio (1-2 sentences) at the end of your article.
  • Send your submission via e-mail to the Editor as an attached document.
  • Following review from the Editor, submissions are assigned to Communications committee members for editing and preparation for publication to the web. The Editor will be in touch if there are any questions or issues regarding your submission.

If you are interested in submitting to the NMRT Blog, please contact the Chair with an inquiry. You can expect a response within three business days. Also watch for calls for authors on NMRT-L.

Communications Committee 2019-20 Roster

History of the Committee

The Communications Committee originated as the Footnotes Committee. Footnotes began publication in 1971 and was published quarterly until January 2016. It succeeded Newsnotes (1966-1971) as the official newsletter for NMRT (then JMRT). The added responsibility of producing a member news column was added due to the May 2009 Disbanding of the Membership Relations Committee. In January of 2016, the Footnotes newsletter was retired in place of the NMRT blog, NMRT Notes ( in order to enable more timely access to articles by NMRT members.

Footnotes Archive

Footnotes was the official newsletter of the New Members Round Table (NMRT) of the American Library Association until January 2016. Footnotes was published four times per year in August, November, February and May. Issues can be found at: