2011 ALA NMRT Student Chapter of the Year Award

The New Members Round Table (NMRT) and the American Library Association (ALA) Membership Committee wish to congratulate the
American Library Association Student Chapter at Indiana University as the winner of the 2011 ALA Student Chapter of the Year Award. The runner-up of this year's award is the ALA Student Chapter at San Jose State University.

The Student Chapter of the Year Award is presented in recognition of a chapter's outstanding contributions to ALA, its school, and the profession. The purpose of the award is to increase student involvement in ALA through student chapters and to recognize its leaders. Official ALA Student Chapters are organizations formed by students at schools offering accredited programs of library and information studies. The winning student chapter receives a $1,000 travel grant to help with the cost of ALA conference attendance.

This year's Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee praises Indiana ALA SC's accomplishments in each of the seven categories related to the Student Chapter of the Year Award. The committee was impressed with the great turnouts to the chapter's events, the impressive number of Emerging Leaders in the chapter, and a good mix of technologies used in communication, especially posting meeting videos to the Facebook page. The chapter leadership has also demonstrated strong continuing involvement with state and national organizations.

Pnina Shachaf, Associate Professor, Director MLS program and Co-Advisor to the Indiana University ALA student chapter, stated:

"First, the membership increased this year because the ALA SC Officers invested efforts in recruiting new members at orientation, meet & greet activities and at each of their professional and social events. Second, the group provided on-going support for new members through a successful mentorship program; veteran students mentor incoming students. Third, the financial growth of the ALA SC this year is, in my opinion, indicative of a healthy and active student organization. Fourth, the use of Facebook, listservs, podcasts, and other media to share information and mobilize resources was phenomenal. Finally, the most impressive accomplishment of the group this year was an increase in number and range of professional and social activities; some involved students from our programs on Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Student participation in these events reaches record numbers."

The runner-up of this year's award, the ALA Student Chapter of San Jose State University, is recognized for their increase in attendance at their events, their outreach to students, especially as they are automatic members and it's an online program. We also applaud the excellent use of the numerous communication methods.

The members of the SCOTYA Committee, NMRT and the ALA Membership Committee appreciate all the time and effort put in by all of the nominated ALA student chapters this year, and encourage all to keep up the great work!