Resume Review Service a success at Midwinter

By Johnna Childs

The NMRT Resume Review Service (RRS) is held in the Placement Center at every ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference. The service is always quite popular, and this year's Midwinter was no exception. Our reviewers conducted over 118 reviews in Seattle. We were particularly busy on Friday, when we had job seekers lined up to make appointments 40 minutes before we opened. With 3-4 reviewers working per hour, all of our appointments were filled on Friday and Saturday. Though we were not as busy on Sunday and Monday, our service did remain open until the Placement Center closed Monday afternoon. After planning for over a month, it was wonderful to see the committee's efforts result in a smoothly run operation that assisted both new and experienced librarians who are progressing to the next step in their careers.

We would like to thank the NMRT members who served as greeters at our booth, and also thank those of you who served as reviewers. Many of our volunteers had worked with us at previous conferences. I even encountered a volunteer who came back to help after having used our service last year when he was a job seeker. Our reviewers frequently tell us that volunteering with the RRS is one of their most rewarding professional experiences. We hope that the job seekers who used the service found the suggestions they received to be beneficial.

If you are an NMRT member who is job searching, we encourage you to use our e-mail service, which is available year-round. Please see our committee webpage for more information: