NMRT All Committee Meeting

By Amy Harmon

The Candidate Forum and All Committee Meeting took place on Saturday, January 21, 2007 at the Westin Hotel in the Grand Ballroom.

The All Committee Meeting gives the committees an opportunity to get together to work on their respective projects. For those not assigned to a committee, it enables interested NMRT members to see what committees exist and where they may wish to become involved. The Vice-President/President-Elect, Nanette Donohue will be making committee assignments in the next few weeks. Interested members should contact Nanette by emailing her at:
nwargo@Champaign.org or

Vice President/President Elect candidates:

  • Sally Bickley
  • Laurel Bliss


  • Terry Bucknery
  • Akeisha Heard
  • Emily Rimland

Member Service Director:

  • Michael Bolam
  • Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen
  • John Meier
  • Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane

Leadership Director:

  • Kristina DeVoe
  • Anne Robert

For more information about the candidates, please visit the
Nominating Committee website.

NMRT Members running for other offices:

ALA Councilor-at-Large:

  • Aaron W. Dobbs
  • Nadine Flores
  • Amy Harmon
  • Jessica Hutchings

LAMA PRMS Chair-Elect:

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

Amanda Roberts, current NMRT President, reported that the membership numbers of NMRT has risen to 2200 members from 1800 members since Annual. The President's Program Committee is also seeking feedback. Forms were available at Midwinter. To access the online forum to give your feedback regarding NMRT, please visit
http://connect.ala.org/. Members will need to login with their ALA user name (typically the membership ID number) and password. To obtain a user name and password, visit
http://www.ala.org/Template.cfm?Section=Login&Template=/security/PasswordHelp.cfm. Once logged in, select "Round Tables," then "NMRT," then "New Members Round Table (NMRT)," in the menu at the left-hand side of the screen. The NMRT Discussion Forums should be available with the "President's Program" being the first available.

Another important announcement; the Scholarship Committee has been working on evolving Footnotes towards becoming a peer reviewed publication. More than likely, there will be a split into two publications. One will be the peer reviewed publication and the other will be Footnotes, which will contain the helpful information that members have come to expect, including guides to conference cities, etc.

Nanette Donohue, current Vice-President/President-elect revealed her Presidential theme, "Thinking Ahead: The Future of Library Leadership." Task forces will be established that will serve Midwinter to Midwinter. The Internships Task Force will consider how NMRT can affirm itself as a clearinghouse at the division and round table level. The Marketing and Branding Task Force will investigate how NMRT can deliver its message to its target audience.

Michael Bolam, Web Committee member, reported that ALA will be moving to a new content management system. Training was scheduled to have been completed before Midwinter; however it has yet to begin. NMRT is currently on the tail end of the list of those to be trained. This may forestall NMRT website changes. Please be patient. More information will be made available as it comes in.