Thinking Ahead: New Board/New Chair Orientation

By Marissa Priddis

On the final day of ALA, NMRT President Nanette Donohue welcomed new NMRT committee chairs and directors. Nanette went on to unveil her 2007-08 presidential theme, “Thinking Ahead: The Future of Library Leadership.”

Nanette charged a number of committees with special projects for the year; including the improvement of publicity, the re-evaluation of committee charges, the creation of an NMRT blog, the development of a leadership lecture series, and researching best practices for marketing.

Nanette also provided hints and tips for the new board members and chairs. She distributed committee rosters and contact information. Chairs were reminded to update their handbook entries, and to fill out quarterly reports in a timely manner.

Catherine Collins, NMRT Treasurer, presented financial training to all attendees. Handout materials included a budget timeline, FAQ’s, and a copy of the actual NMRT budget. Catherine will serve as treasurer until September, when Amy Gonzalez Ferguson takes over.