President’s remarks

by Nadine Flores

Welcome to the New Members Round Table (NMRT). My name is Nadine Flores and my presidential theme for 2005-2006 is "Outreach: Blending our Past and Present to Forge our Future." Throughout the year NMRT committees will by and large develop programs and lead discussions on the topic for annual conference and on NMRT-L.

Outreach is not a new concept to NMRT—examples of effective outreach are achieved through such existing committees as SASCO, Orientations, and Resume Review. My only hope is to build upon what has already been created in terms of services and programs and to allow committee members to place their own mark. As always, NMRT committee chairs and members possess a level of passion and commitment that is truly a hallmark of this ALA unit. I look forward to working with you this year.

Please send comments or concerns to

Nadine Flores