August 2005, Volume 35 No. 1


Message from Nadine Flores, NMRT President

Nadine Flores, the New Members Round Table (NMRT) President for 2005-2006, envisions a year of change and growth for NMRT.

3M Professional Development Grant Winners at Annual

Go to ALA Annual with the winners of the 3M Professional Development Grant, Annis Lee Adams, Philip Homan, and Michal Strutin.

Resumé Review Service Wildly Popular in Chicago!

This fantastic service once again proves to be a conference highlight for many ALA and NMRT members.

NMRT Student Reception 2005

UNT students Patrick Griffis and Debra Hunt report on the award presentations and opportunities for NMRT committee involvement.


Regular Features

ALA Annual Recap


August 2005
Vol. 35, No. 1