NMRT Leadership 2022-2023

Below is the current NMRT leadership structure. Committees are organized by the Board Member who supervises the committee.

President: Julie Gabb

Governance and Handbook:

chair, Heather Bush

President's Program:

chair, tba

Vice-President/President Elect: Cara Calabrese

Vice Presidential Planning (hiatus):

Immediate Past President: Annice Sevett


chair, Dr. Jules Shore

Secretary: Michelle Mitchell

Information and Content:

chair, Janette Derucki

Treasurer: Alexander Dodd

assistant treasurer, Jack Garrett

Leadership Development Director: Elaine Walker


chair, Jennifir Huston

Annual Social Committee:

chair, Cara Calabrese

Member Services Director: Laura Birkenhauer


chair, Mary Kamela


chair, Sara Lerner and asst. chair, Emily Zerrnner


chair, Jamie Fujiko Kurumaji

Resume Review:

chair, Natalie Ornat

Networking Director: Lauren Puzier

Annual Conference Local Information:

chair, Lucy Campbell

Online Programs:

chairs, Alexander Dodd and Beth Jarrell


chair, Ashely Granger

Outreach Director: Morgan Brickey-Jones

Membership Promotion, Diversity & Recruitment:

chair, Chloe' Bennett

Student and Student Chapter Outreach:

chair, Michelle Osborne

NMRT Councilor: Charity K. Stokes