Spratford’s new guide to horror fiction

CHICAGO — Like the zombies, ghouls, and vampires which inhabit many of its books, the popularity of horror fiction is unstoppable. Even if you don’t happen to be a fan yourself, you won’t be “scared” to advise readers on finding their next great fright thanks to the astute guidance provided by horror expert Becky Siegel Spratford in the newly updated third edition of “The Readers' Advisory Guide to Horror,” published by ALA Editions.

Latest Sudden Selector's Guide demystifies the field of mathematics for selectors

CHICAGO—Core Publishing has released the digital version of the tenth guide in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series, the "Sudden Selector’s Guide to Mathematics Resources." Full of resources that are critical to the field of mathematics, this guide aims to give new selectors of mathematics materials the tools and strategies necessary for compiling and establishing a robust collection that meets the needs of mathematics faculty and students.

New Sudden Selector’s Guide delves into resources for selectors of political science materials

CHICAGO—Core Publishing has released the digital version of the latest guide in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series, the "Sudden Selector’s Guide to Political Science Resources." Offering essential resources in the diverse field of political science, this guide provides selectors of political science materials with strategies, tools and resources for developing user-centered collections that are responsive to the needs of faculty and students in political science. 

Booklist launches Booklist Reader for library patrons and the public

CHICAGO – Booklist, the review publication of the American Library Association, proudly announces the launch of Booklist Reader, a new digital library patron–facing magazine featuring diverse readers' advisory recommendations for readers of all ages.

Each month, Booklist Reader will showcase top-10 lists, must reads, interviews with (and articles by) top authors and illustrators, and adult, youth, and audio recommendations for all communities and all who love to read.

Transforming print collections at academic libraries

CHICAGO — The trend in academic library collections is toward shared print collections and off-site storage. While that might seem to presage the death of print in academic collections, it also serves as a golden opportunity for innovation and experimentation—to develop a vision for a future in which the academic library print collection engages and inspires its communities as never before.

Understanding the basic principles of planning and assessment

CHICAGO — The concepts of planning and assessment are intrinsically linked—and understanding them is essential for raising the library’s profile and strengthening its position among stakeholders and the community. Even LIS students and those new to the profession, or library staff for whom planning or assessment are not primary areas of responsibility, have a role to play in the success of organizational efforts. Rachel A.

New from ACRL - “Teaching about Fake News: Lesson Plans for Different Disciplines and Audiences”

CHICAGO – The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announces the publication of “Teaching about Fake News: Lesson Plans for Different Disciplines and Audiences,” edited by Candice Benjes-Small, Carol Wittig, and Mary K. Oberlies.

Teaching data literacy in academic libraries

CHICAGO — We live in a data-driven world, much of it processed and served up by increasingly complex algorithms, and evaluating its quality requires its own skillset. As a component of information literacy, it's crucial that students learn how to think critically about statistics, data, and related visualizations.