Core’s guide to zines in library collections

CHICAGO — Their homegrown and esoteric aesthetic make zines important cultural and historical objects. Including them in library collections is a perfect way to amplify underrepresented voices. But the road from acquisition to cataloging these underground, self-published, and often fragile items can be difficult.

Interpreting decolonization in academic libraries

CHICAGO — The demand to decolonize the curriculum has moved from a protest movement at the margins to the center of many institutions, as reflected by its inclusion in policies and strategies. Numerous libraries and archives are responding to the call to critically examine their historic legacies and practices to support institutional and societal change.

Incorporating racial issues into storytimes

CHICAGO — As the weekly lists of best-sellers demonstrate, many people want to engage with racial issues. But when it comes to talking about race, they often don’t know how or are hesitant to take the first steps. This includes children's librarians, who are taking seriously our profession’s calls for diversity, equity, and inclusion. They already know that popular storytimes can be an effective way to increase community representation and belonging at the library. Incorporating race into storytimes is an ideal way to foster inclusion by normalizing conversations about these issues.

New posters from award-winning illustrators and more debut in winter ALA Graphics catalog

CHICAGO – The winter ALA Graphics catalog delivers a host of exciting posters and bookmarks to inspire and encourage readers of all ages. Gracing the cover is a new poster by artist Michaela Goade, recipient of the 2021 Caldecott Medal for “We Are Water Protectors” written by Carole Lindstrom.

Fundamentals for the instruction coordinator

CHICAGO — An instruction coordinator does more than just oversee the entire department of instruction librarians. The role also requires you to function as the assessment lead, training and directing the tone of how instruction will be taught, performed, and evaluated, as well as perform outreach to departments and faculty outside the library to find ways to make connections for future instruction. Tasked with the position when a colleague was on a sabbatical, Caitlin A.

Building an integrated metadata strategy with XML

CHICAGO — “Metadata in the Digital Library: Building an Integrated Strategy with XML,” published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, is a complete guide to building a digital library metadata strategy from scratch, using established metadata standards bound together by the markup language XML. Written by Richard Gartner, the book introduces the reader to the theory of metadata and shows how it can be applied in practice.

Library services and incarceration

CHICAGO — As part of our mission to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all library patrons, our profession needs to come to terms with the consequences of mass incarceration, which have saturated the everyday lives of people in the United States and heavily impacts Black, Indigenous, and people of color; LGBTQ people; and people who are in poverty.

Foundations of information literacy

CHICAGO — It’s not hyperbole to conclude that in today’s world, information literacy is essential for survival and success; and also that, if left unchecked, the social consequences of widespread misinformation and information illiteracy will only continue to grow more dire. Thus its study must be at the core of every education.

A new book of quotes for library lovers

CHICAGO — Celebrate librarianship and the love of libraries with “Uncommon Quotes for Library Lovers,” published by ALA Editions. Included are 100 of the most insightful, thought-provoking, and uplifting aphorisms about books, the joy of reading, intellectual freedom, and librarianship.