Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures (CORE)

Core Webinar: Accessibility & Inclusive Design to Enable Success

CHICAGOSo much of the library information and service we provide is online, and making our digital content accessible helps everyone in our community succeed. Following accessibility best practices not only improves the library experience, it also promotes diversity and inclusion by improving the equity of access for all library users.

Explore CollectionBuilder and develop digital library projects in this March Core Classroom

CHICAGO—Core Classroom is back! Beginning on March 30, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures will present "CollectionBuilder: A Static Web Approach to Digital Projects in Libraries", a hands-on virtual workshop for librarians and library staff. This unique continuing education opportunity consists of two live instructive sessions on March 30 and April 6 with class assignments followed by group discussions.

Classroom space is limited. Register now and save your seat!

Core Webinar: Using Your Library's Virtual Presence to Reach Users with Disabilities

CHICAGO—Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people with disabilities are more disconnected from their communities now than ever before. In order to effectively promote services to and increase awareness of your organization by users with disabilities, libraries should optimize their online presence and utilize accessible web-based practices to more equitably serve the needs of the disability community.

Discover the Basics of Planning a Batch Cataloging Project, a Core webinar, on March 3, 2021

CHICAGO—Many libraries have uncataloged collections or backlogs which could benefit from batch processing, and much professional development for metadata specialists focuses on software tools that can facilitate this work, but it is not always clear how to get started putting those new skills into action.

Explore Transformational Change in University Libraries due to COVID-19, a Core webinar, on March 2, 2021

CHICAGOAt the University of Oregon (UO), the dramatic changes required by the COVID-19 crisis offered UO Libraries an unprecedented opportunity to transform, throw out decades of habits and workflows, and break down silos and internal communication barriers. Prior to the campus closure, UO Libraries was a traditional library system focused on high-touch, in-person services.

Core Webinar: COVID and Workplace Law: A Practical Primer

On Tuesday, February 16, join Randi M. Cohen, labor and employment counselor and litigator, and your colleagues for a free, hour-long discussion on navigating the law during the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed for library workers and managers interested in the legal rights and responsibilities of their libraries as they relate to COVID-19, this webinar will foster dialogue and provide support for attendees. Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will have a better grasp on the rights and responsibilities of their libraries and institutions relating to COVID-19.

Last Chance to Register: Assessing and (Re)Writing Operational Policies Feb. 10 Core Webinar

Are you involved in writing, implementing, and assessing operational library policies? If so, join us on Wednesday, February 10, 1pm CT to enhance your skills with this webinar "Assessing and (Re)Writing Operational Policies."

Last Chance to Register: Developing the Best Survey Tips from Consultations Feb. 9 Core Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, February 9, at 1 pm CT for our upcoming webinar, "Developing the Best Survey Tips from Consultations." This webinar will provide the necessary tools to successfully assess the needs of your library patrons. 


Surveys are popular assessment tools to understand users' needs and perceptions because they are easy and quick to use. In spite of the convenience and popularity, it is hard to have a well-designed survey.

Discover the Keys to Developing Motivated Workspaces at your Institution with this Core Webinar on February 24, 2021

Every good organization has a strategic plan. However, the success of that plan is highly dependent on your organization’s culture. A strong culture motivates employees to work harder, find ways past obstacles, and treat each other with respect.  Presenter, Douglas Crane will share how the Palm Beach County Library System is using these strategies towards the goal of being the best place their employees ever worked.  This presentation is intended for those in leadership and supervisory positions in organizations of all sizes.

Core Announces the 2021 Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable Lists

The Core Committee Recognizing Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction presents the 2021 Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable Lists. The lists are composed of notable children’s and young adult science fiction published between November 2019 and October 2020 and organized into three age-appropriate categories. The annotated lists will be posted on the website at