Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures

December Core Classroom: Designed with You in Mind: Welcoming Patrons and Staff with Disabilities in Your Library

CHICAGO—Join Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures for a four-week virtual workshop that focuses on navigating the many features libraries can employ to serve patrons of all ages with both physical and intellectual disabilities.

Core Webinar: Improving Web Site Accessibility

CHICAGO—Accessibility in library websites is intrinsic to the inclusivity and access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, and those who create or maintain web content for libraries must work to remove certain barriers to web site access. On Tuesday, February 8, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures will hold the webinar "Improving Web Site Accessibility" at 1 pm CT. During this webinar presenters will discuss a project to assess the accessibility of St.

Latest Sudden Selector's Guide demystifies the field of mathematics for selectors

CHICAGO—Core Publishing has released the digital version of the tenth guide in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series, the "Sudden Selector’s Guide to Mathematics Resources." Full of resources that are critical to the field of mathematics, this guide aims to give new selectors of mathematics materials the tools and strategies necessary for compiling and establishing a robust collection that meets the needs of mathematics faculty and students.

New Sudden Selector’s Guide delves into resources for selectors of political science materials

CHICAGO—Core Publishing has released the digital version of the latest guide in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series, the "Sudden Selector’s Guide to Political Science Resources." Offering essential resources in the diverse field of political science, this guide provides selectors of political science materials with strategies, tools and resources for developing user-centered collections that are responsive to the needs of faculty and students in political science. 

Core Webinar: Building Capacity for Community-led Planning

CHICAGO—To live out our core values of equity, diversity and inclusion, libraries are seeking ways to be more community-centered. Community-led planning is a method that can be used to create public programs and services that celebrate the strengths and interests of diverse communities. However, it can also be a big cultural shift for many libraries. In this webinar, library leaders will learn about an evidence-based process to build their library’s capacity to make this change.

Core Webinar: Asynchronous Online Library Instruction: Best Practices

CHICAGO—Known as asynchronous teaching, delivering instruction via guides, pre-recorded video, message boards and other self-guided on-demand methods can be a great way to reach busy students and integrate the librarian into an existing online class. This webinar will examine the best ways to take advantage of the asynchronous instructional format and what you need to know about how asynchronous online learning differs from in-person, classroom-based instruction, and will provide tools to help make the most of this type of teaching.

Core Webinar: Making Great Video Tutorials

CHICAGO—Instructional videos are a versatile staple of online library learning. In this non-technical webinar, attendees will learn the best approaches for designing and creating clear, useful videos for their library learners.

Core Webinar: Zotero: Teaching and Supporting in Libraries

CHICAGO—Zotero is a free, open-source program for saving and sharing citations and creating bibliographies. It’s easy enough for undergrads to learn quickly, but powerful enough for faculty research needs.

LIS Students: Apply for the 2022 Larew Scholarship for Tuition Help

Core and Baker & Taylor are accepting applications for the Core Christian (Chris) Larew Memorial Scholarship for those who plan to follow a career in library and information technology, demonstrate potential leadership, and hold a strong commitment to library automation. The winner will receive a $3,000 check and a citation. The application form is open through March 1, 2022.

Core Webinar: Motivate, Empower, and Engage Staff Through Coaching

CHICAGO—The future of work will require employees and organizations to be flexible, agile, adaptable, creative and innovative in order to keep up with the fast pace of change. More diversity in the workforce will mean more attention to culture, values and strengths, and organizations will need employees who are self-directed, motivated, engaged and committed to continuous learning.