Digital Literacy

Lessons, tips and strategies for combating mis- and dis-information

CHICAGO — Information has become one of the most crucial commodities in today's world. From multinational corporations to single individuals, we all make critical decisions based on the information available to us. However, modern ease of access to information does not often guarantee access to good information. In this digital age, where facts can be easily manipulated to align with political, social or monetary aims, media literacy has become an essential skill.

IMLS and FCC Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Help Close Digital Divide

WASHINGTON, DC -- The American Library Association (ALA) has issued the below statement on the memorandum of understanding between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), announced on June 24, 2022:

ALA President Patricia “Patty” Wong said, “We are pleased by today’s move by the FCC to recognize the role libraries play in bringing digital equity to communities across the country. The closer the connection between the FCC and IMLS, the closer America comes to closing learning gaps.

Apply now for PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive, supported by AT&T

CHICAGO – The Public Library Association (PLA) is now accepting applications for public libraries to receive funding to conduct digital literacy workshops using resources. The PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive Program, supported by AT&T, provides up to $7,000 to support outreach and training in local communities. Library staff can learn more about this opportunity on May 19, 2022, at 1 p.m.

Literacy and wellbeing at school libraries

CHICAGO — Research has repeatedly linked school libraries and qualified staff to student literacy gains. With the number of students who struggle with basic literacy skills increasing in many nations, school libraries can play an important role in improving the academic, vocational, and social outcomes for these young people, thereby increasing their opportunities. Fostering student wellbeing is also a key priority for schools given the challenges young people face in current times.

ALA, Leading Digital Inclusion Advocates Launch Airwaves for Equity Coalition

New coalition asks Congress to dedicate revenue from future spectrum auctions to support digital literacy and adoption efforts

Academic libraries supporting students academically, socially, and financially

CHICAGO — Academic libraries are confronting a myriad of challenges, including consequences stemming from the pandemic, the changing demographics of student bodies, and the financial obstacles that many students are struggling to overcome. What’s needed is practical guidance on how to effectively serve students’ needs amidst rapid change.

Designing student-created media for authentic learning

CHICAGO — Reinforcing the ACRL Framework’s calls for information creation in a range of formats, a 2020 LinkedIn survey rated “video production” as a top 10 skill sought by employers. “Student-Created Media: Designing Research, Learning, and Skill-Building Experiences,” published by ALA Editions, guides librarians, learning technologists, and their faculty partners in designing assignments that showcase students’ ideas, research, subject knowledge, and media literacy skill set development.

Media literacy for justice

CHICAGO — The corrosive effects of today’s relentless tide of media are pernicious. We are conditioned in many ways by our media environments to accept and not question, making it crucial that young people master the skills necessary to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. In “Media Literacy for Justice: Lessons for Changing the World,” published by ALA Neal-Schuman, Belinha S.

American Library Association partners with Estée Lauder Companies on pilot grant project to boost literacy and digital skills of at-risk youth

CHICAGO – The American Library Association is pleased to announce it is partnering with Estée Lauder Companies to support WRITING CHANGE, an innovative pilot grant project to build literacy and digital skills for at-risk youth. WRITING CHANGE is a three-year global, literacy initiative inspired by Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, award-winning writer, and Estée Lauder Companies Changemaker and Brand Ambassador.

Beyond basic skills in information literacy instruction

CHICAGO — Librarians know that information literacy is much more complex and nuanced than the basic library research skill that it's often portrayed as; in fact, as outlined by the ACRL Framework, research is a contextual activity. But the settings in which we teach often constrain our ability to take a more layered approach.