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Serve More Patrons with Expanded, Unlimited Streaming Video: An American Libraries Live webcast

CHICAGO — In the August episode of American Libraries Live, you’ll hear library industry veterans Jim Schmidt and Brad Gray explain RBdigital streaming video—a new, innovative streaming video service that allows patrons to binge-watch videos without breaking your library’s budget. They’ll discuss how it differs from other offerings available to libraries today, how the trend of binge-watching has impacted your digital services, and how you can serve and reach more patron groups using this service.

Open Access 2020: An American Libraries Live webcast

CHICAGO — OA2020 is a global initiative to transform scholarly publishing from the current subscription (paywall) system to new open access publishing models. Over 100 libraries and institutions from around the world have joined OA2020, including a growing number from the United States.

Free webinar on Integrating STEM and Coding into Makerspaces

CHICAGO — There’s no doubt that foundational knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math will help tomorrow’s job seekers to excel in the future of work. However, much of this success depends on the level of STEM instruction they receive while still in elementary, middle and high school.

While we often assume that STEM programs are being initiated by classroom teachers, new research suggests that librarians and media specialists are increasingly taking the lead in bringing new, innovative tools into their school programs.

12 Keys to Successful Digital Content Promotion: An American Libraries Live webcast

CHICAGO — Libraries often struggle with creative or effective ideas to promote digital content to their patrons. Common challenges include lacking a budget, not having an in-house marketing department, and trying to reach patrons who are not physically in the library. However, digital content promotion is critical as more and more people consume content through a computer or mobile device.

Community Engagement and Fundraising: An American Libraries Live webcast

CHICAGO — Libraries serve their communities above all else, and it’s crucial that librarians work not only with people in the community but also with institutions and businesses. Building positive and productive relationships with these organizations can be a challenge, but they can be tremendously beneficial to the library. They can lead to everything from content to marketing to funding as they further cement the library’s status as an indispensable member of the community.

The Opioid Epidemic and Libraries: An American Libraries Live Webcast

CHICAGO — The opioid epidemic has sunk its teeth into communities all over the United States, and many libraries are finding themselves caught right in the middle. This crisis creates a variety of issues for librarians—we find ourselves faced with security questions, questions about treatment, questions about community resources and even medical questions. It can be tough to know how to address these issues and where to begin.

Tackling Fake News: An American Libraries Live Webcast

CHICAGO—Everyone is talking about Fake News. People are more aware than ever that when you see a “news” story, you need to dig a lot deeper than the headline or the text of the article to know whether what you are seeing is fact rather than speculation, opinion, or outright fiction. In our role as gatekeepers of information, librarians have always been responsible for establishing the authority of information. But with social media ensuring that news articles—whether real or not—spread like wildfire, how can help our users filter the real from the fake?

Podcast investigates the A1 Mystery of Avon Lake

CHICAGO — Whodunit?

That’s the question many are asking as they anticipate the Oct. 25 episode of Dewey Decibel, the monthly podcast of American Libraries magazine.

In early 2017 dozens of A1 Sauce bottles began mysteriously appearing in the stacks at Avon Lake Public Library in Ohio. In this special Halloween episode, American Libraries travels to the quiet town to investigate. The story weaves a tale of mystery, intrigue, and steak sauce.

Accessibility and Libraries: An American Libraries Live Webcast

CHICAGO—Technology highly influences accessibility—many patrons use assistive technology, such as screen readers, literacy software, and speech input, to access and use library materials and e-resources.

Driving Decisions with Data: An American Libraries Live Webcast

CHICAGO—Join us July 24 for a free episode of AL Live, where Jason Kuscma, deputy director at Toledo Lucas County (Ohio) Public Library and 2017 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, will discuss how his library uses Analytics On Demand to inform patrons and non-patrons about library services, to market special programs to targeted households, and as a tool to aid managers in understanding their community.