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Meeting the challenge of teaching information literacy

CHICAGO — While the profession has generated many books on information literacy, none to date have validated exactly why it is so difficult to teach. In her new book “Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Information Literacy,” published by ALA Editions, Michelle Reale posits that examining and reflecting on the reality of those factors is what will enable practitioners to meet the challenge of their important mandate.

Practical ways to improve a dysfunctional library

CHICAGO — Like other workplaces, libraries can sometimes be stressful, with library workers bearing the brunt of such problems as uncivil patrons, poor communication, inadequate leadership, and toxic behaviors by fellow employees. But there’s hope.

A cornucopia of products at the ALA Store at Midwinter Meeting

Long hours and easy access near Registration make it convenient to shop and browse at the ALA Store in the Grand Hall at the Pennsylvania Convention Center during the Midwinter Meeting. The ALA Store offers products that meet the widest range of your promotional and continuing education/professional development needs—as well as fun gift items. Make sure to carve out some time in your schedule to stop by and examine the many new and bestselling items available!

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Big ideas to enrich libraries and their communities

CHICAGO — Curiosity, respect, goodwill, and unity: these are a few of what Plato calls “big ideas,” and they’re concepts that libraries can harness to enlighten humanity in the long-term and help solve problems in the short-term. The journey toward applying your potential starts with personal discovery.

A guide to financial literacy programs and tools from ALA’s Public Programs Office

CHICAGO — A survey from the American Psychological Association shows that money is a more frequent cause of worry than work, family, or health issues. Empowering people with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions is an important way to make a difference in your community, and many libraries across the country are doing just that.

Proactive steps for a positive library workplace

CHICAGO — Every day you strive to ensure that the library is working for its users—but how is it working for you? And what can we all do to make the library an inclusive and positive workplace? Offering both case studies and personal narratives, “The Library Workplace Idea Book: Proactive Steps for Positive Change,” published by ALA Editions, draws on contributions from librarians and library workers at a variety of institutions across the country.

The first-ever print complement to the Creative Commons Certificate program

CHICAGO — The figures are eye-opening: more than 1.6 billion works on 9 million websites are licensed under Creative Commons (CC). These materials constitute an extraordinarily rich repository for teaching, learning, sharing, and creative reuse. Knowing your way around CC will help you make the most of the Open Access (OA) and open educational resources (OER) movements.

A collection of ready-to-use Kawaii craft projects

CHICAGO — Tiny, adorable, even cuddly: Kawaii, born in Japan, is the culture of cuteness, and its influence is seen worldwide in clothing, accessories, games, and food. In “53 Ready-to-Use Kawaii Craft Projects,” published by ALA Editions, bestselling makerspace, cosplay, and geek culture enthusiast Elyssa Kroski gathers dozens of popular Kawaii programs from creative and crafty librarians across the country.

32 guides for teaching banned books

CHICAGO — As standard-bearers for intellectual freedom, school and children’s librarians are in ideal positions to collaborate with educators to not only protect the freedom to read but also ensure that valued books which touch upon important topics are not quarantined from the readers for whom they were written.