ALA seeks applicants for Endowment Fund Trustee opening

For Immediate Release
Mon, 04/10/2023


Keith Brown

Senior Financial Analyst


Applications are now being accepted for one expiring term on the ALA Endowment Trustees committee. All applicants will be required to submit an electronic application, as well as upload a CV and three references.  Click to preview the application.

The applicants will be selected by the ALA Executive Board at their 2023 ALA Annual Conference Meeting, which will be held in Chicago, IL from June 22-27. The selected applicant will begin serving immediately upon notification of their selection. The three-year term will expire after the 2026 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. 

The deadline for receiving applications has been extended to May 15, 2023.

The ALA Endowment Trustees have the authority to hold, invest and disburse endowment and other long-term investment funds as directed by the ALA Executive Board. Applicants must be or become members of the ALA. They must have a working knowledge of investment opportunities available to the endowment and other long-term investment funds, and of the benchmarks used to judge fund performance. The candidates must also have experience in the management or oversight of investment funds in a business setting and must be able to contribute to the preparation of semi-annual reports on the performance of the fund to the ALA Executive Board, Council, and the general membership. Additionally, candidates must be able to participate in any scheduled conference calls, and attend two -four meetings per year in Chicago and other selected cities – New York, Washington, DC, etc. and at the ALA conferences if necessary.

In reviewing the requirements and skills necessary to manage the ALA Endowment Fund, the ALA Executive Board and the Endowment Trustees have established the following general guidelines for becoming a Trustee:

Investment Skills

Trustees must have a working knowledge of the financial markets. This working knowledge should include the fundamentals of investment practice, as well as familiarity with market indices. Experience in investing as a trustee or custodian is beneficial. Awareness of economic principles is desirable. Applicants will be expected to maintain an ongoing knowledge of current economic conditions and issues.

Association Involvement

It is desired that the Trustees exhibit a basic knowledge of ALA’s mission and goals and an awareness of the services and activities of the Association. Knowledge of the awards and scholarships program is also beneficial, as works in other areas of the Association.

Judgment and Analytical Skills

Essential to the effective operation of the Endowment, is the Trustee’s ability to exercise judgment and to make decisions that reflect prudence, insight, and care. Teamwork among the Trustees is essential for this shared charge to be effectively dispatched. The ability to study a situation and develop well-reasoned strategies is a critical requirement. While the trustees exercise independent judgment and discretion regarding the Endowment’s investments. They must also be effective communicators and able to take necessary and appropriate direction from the Executive Board.

Application and References

All applicants will be required to submit an electronic application, as well as upload a CV and three references.  You can preview the application here.

For this and other information on the qualifications and responsibilities of an ALA Endowment Trustee, contact Keith D. Brown, Senior Financial Analyst, Finance Department at or (312)280-4255.


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