SustainRT Awards the 2022 Citation for Wellness in the Workplace to Health and Safety Department at Queens Public Library

For Immediate Release
Tue, 07/26/2022


Tina Chan



SustainRT has awarded the 2022 Citation for Wellness in the Workplace to the Health and Safety Department at Queens Public Library for their commitment to promoting the physical and mental well-being of their library workers.  The library's program was designed to increase employee’s health awareness and focus on prevention of disease to sustain a healthier workforce.  By adding expertise from medical, health, and social care professionals to its staff, the department expanded programs with a focus on promoting mental health and wellness.

In 2020 as the library responded to the pandemic, the Queens Public Library Health and Safety department not only developed protocols to keep employees physically safe, but also recognized the impact on mental health, and responded with a range of virtual programs and resources that library workers could use as they worked remotely.  Employees were provided time and incentives to participate in virtual programs, such as webinars, wellness “challenges”, and supportive groups.  They also created a newsletter that continues to share articles and information about health, safety, and wellness. Since returning to in-person library work, the department has added staff and programs for health screenings, nutrition, and wellness checks.  They continue to seek out new opportunities to promote wellness in their workplace, and SustainRT is pleased to recognize their efforts.

The Citation for Wellness in the Workplace carries on the work begun by ALA Past President Loida Garcia-Febo with her Presidential Citation for Wellness in the Workplace, and recognizes the importance of promoting wellness of library professionals as part of a sustainable library community.