Examine resources used in the study of philosophy with the most recent guide in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series

For Immediate Release
Tue, 12/08/2020


Brooke Morris-Chott

Advocacy and EDI Program Officer

Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures


CHICAGO—ALCTS Publishing has released its final printed guide in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series. The Sudden Selector’s Guide to Philosophy Resources offers key resources for selectors of philosophy materials. Authored by George J. Aulisio, this guide is aimed at any academic librarian committed to learning more about the study of philosophy and the philosophical community, including its various questions, methodologies, focuses and idiosyncrasies. In addition to learning about philosophy, readers will also learn to develop and manage a comprehensive philosophy collection supported by effective research and user services strategies.

Philosophy has an extensive history that spans more than two millennia. Today, the study of philosophy reaches into various academic fields from the humanities to the sciences and is informed by multi- and transcultural reflections. Because of philosophy’s all-encompassing breadth and depth, the subject matter can be intimidating to anyone without an advanced degree in the field. Aulisio’s Sudden Selector’s Guide to Philosophy Resources intends to provide a better understanding of the world of philosophy to its readers by presenting beneficial tools and resources.

Sponsored by the former Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Collection Management Section (CMS), the Sudden Selector's Guide series, is designed to help library workers become acquainted with the tools, resources, people and organizations that can help them develop collections in new or unfamiliar subject areas. Other guides in the series include the Sudden Selector’s Guide to Romance Languages and Literatures, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Geography and GIS, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Government Publications, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Physics Resources, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Biology Resources, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Chemistry Resources, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Communication Studies Resources and Sudden Selector’s Guide to Business Resources. Each of these guides is available in print and as a PDF in the ALA Store.