Tuliao to run 125 miles in support of Spectrum and in honor of NYPL anniversary

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Tue, 05/12/2020


Gwendolyn Prellwitz

Assistant Director for Recruitment and Retention

Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services

American Library Association Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services


CHICAGO — As The New York Public Library (NYPL) celebrates 125 years, Miriam Tuliao has announced that she will run 125 miles during the month of June to raise funds for the Spectrum Scholarship Program. Her run will honor 125 current and former NYPLers who have dedicated their lives in service to New York City and communities all across North America.These inspiring, indefatigable library veterans include adult, children’s and teen specialists, managers, technical and reference services staff, readers’ advisors, programmers, and directors. This is Tuliao's 13th consecutive year organizing an annual fundraiser for Spectrum.

"Please join me in honoring these 125 big-hearted library leaders by making a donation in support of future librarians and Spectrum Scholars," invites Tuliao. In that same spirit, she shares "Maraming salamat po! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

Support Tuliao's efforts by contributing to her GoFundMe Charity fundraiser, or donate directly to ALA at ec.ala.org/donate by selecting Spectrum and making your gift in tribute to Miriam Tuliao. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  

Tuliao runs in tribute/memory of the following current and former NYPL library workers:

  • Donna Abbaticchio
  • Burton Ableson  
  • Ismael Alicea (In memoriam)
  • Thomas Alrutz
  • Tiffany Alston
  • Michael Alvarez
  • Don Baldini
  • Jay Barksdale
  • Jason Baumann
  • Jeffrey Bayer
  • Adele Bellinger
  • Robert Bellinger
  • Brook Berry
  • John Bhagwandin
  • Andrew Blahnik
  • Polly Bookhout
  • Dina Brasseur
  • Brigid Cahalan
  • Wendy Caldiero
  • David Callahan
  • Ruth Carr
  • Jocelyn Castillo
  • Linda Caycedo
  • Hungyun Chang
  • Stephanie Chase
  • Lucia Chen 
  • Galina Chernykh
  • Michael Ciccone 
  • Christine Coulombe
  • Steven N. Cooper
  • Jennifer Craft
  • Jenny Czarny
  • Erminio D'Onofrio
  • Beryl Eber
  • Francie Einenkel
  • Yolande Elysee (In memoriam)
  • Jenny Engstrom
  • Marzena Ermler
  • Jill Faherty
  • David Ferriero
  • Manuel Figueroa
  • Anthony Fischetti
  • Karen Gisonny
  • Susan Gitman
  • Magally Gomila
  • Harriet Gottfried
  • Denise Hibay
  • Nicholas Higgins
  • John Hinchcliffe
  • Uma Hiremath
  • Deborah Hirsch
  • Anne Hoffmann (In memoriam)
  • James Huffman, Jr.
  • Arnold Hyman (In memoriam)
  • Marilyn Iarusso
  • Armand Isip
  • Joan Jankell
  • JoAnn Jonas (In memoriam)
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • Tara Johnson
  • Catherine Jones
  • Jeff Katz
  • Sheryl Katzin
  • Caitlin Kilgallen
  • Janet Klucevsek
  • Gretchen Kolderup
  • Becky Koppelman
  • Laura Kortz
  • Renee Kotler (In memoriam) 
  • Irina Kuharets
  • Jane Kunstler
  • Jeanne Lamb
  • Lauren Lampasone
  • Louise Lareau
  • Donald Laub
  • Johanna Lewis
  • Stephan Likosky
  • Maira Liriano
  • Catherine Lyons  
  • Jack Martin
  • Robert McBrien
  • Kristin McDonough
  • Jean-Paul Michaud 
  • Alene Moroni
  • Danita Nichols
  • Constance Novak
  • Rachel Payne
  • Sandra Payne
  • John Peters
  • Jeanne Peterson
  • Jayne Pierce (In memoriam)
  • Christopher Platt
  • Jennine Porta
  • Raymond Pun
  • Marcia Lane Purcell
  • Mary Lynne Pyrak
  • Fran Rabinowitz
  • Carol Reisner
  • Richard Reyes-Gavilan
  • Ned Richards
  • Lee Robinson
  • Joanne Rosario
  • Barbara Schwartz
  • Hara Seltzer
  • William Seufert
  • Harriet Shalat
  • Mark Shields (In memoriam)
  • Chris Shoemaker  
  • Karlan Sick 
  • Susan Singer  
  • Melissa DiLiberto Smith 
  • James Souce 
  • Victoria Steele 
  • Mary Jane Tacchi (In memoriam)
  • Rodger Taylor (In memoriam)
  • Ann Thornton
  • Margaret Tice
  • Forest Turner
  • Carol Van Houten 
  • Kelda Vath
  • Ma’lis Wendt 
  • Hong Yao 
  • Sue Yee  
  • Jutta Zaplinski
  • Judy Zuckerman

Last year, Tuliao raised over $4,000 for Spectrum through her participation in the 2019 Washington DC Sharkfest Swim and in memory of mentors and NYPL librarians Leslie Fass Ederer and Chad Quartuccio. Tuliao is a United States masters swimmer who has participated in several long-distance open water events, including the Big Shoulders 5K Swim in Chicago in September 2007. Tuliao completed the New Jersey State Triathlon in 2008 and the 5.85-mile Little Red Lighthouse swim in 2009, both times raising funds for the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program. Tuliao has also participated in two United States Masters Swimming two-mile Cable Open Water National Championships in support of the Spectrum Presidential Initiative. She raised funds for Spectrum through swimming a 1.2-K race around the Statue of Liberty in memory of Mrs. Ann Bianchini in 2012 and swam the 2013 IGLA Championship Open Water Swim in memory of Elizabeth A. Blatz and Carol Small. In 2014, she swam in the Annual Lake Erie Open Water Classic in honor of George and Deborah Trepp. She raised more than $1,500 each of the last three years through the 2016 Grimaldo's Mile Swim in memory of Lynn Taylor, the 2017 Steve Belson Memorial Ocean Mile Swim in honor of Cynthia Clark, and the 2018 Foster Lake Cable Swim in memory of John Whitt and Lucidia Gratacos Arus. 

Miriam Tuliao is a library marketing manager at Penguin Random House and member of APALA and RUSA. She was formerly the assistant director of selection at BookOps, the shared technical services organization of New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library

To learn more about the Spectrum Scholarship Program, please contact the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services at (800) 545-2433, ext. 5048 or visit www.ala.org/spectrum.

Support Tuliao's efforts by contributing to her GoFundMe Charity fundraiser, or donate directly to ALA at ec.ala.org/donate by selecting Spectrum and making your gift in tribute to Miriam Tuliao. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.