A new edition of De Saulles’ 'Information 2.0'

For Immediate Release
Tue, 07/14/2015


Rob Christopher

Marketing Coordinator

ALA Publishing

American Library Association



CHICAGO — The fully updated second edition of Martin De Saulles’ “Information 2.0: New Models of Information Production, Distribution and Consumption,” published by Facet Publishing, is now available through the ALA Store. It provides a cutting-edge guide to where the profession is going, both in terms of information consumption and broader societal changes. Each chapter explores aspects of the information lifecycle, including production, distribution, storage and consumption, using case studies chosen to illustrate particular issues and challenges facing the information industry. Explaining the implications of the technological changes for the information industry, from publishers and broadcasters to the information professionals who manage information in all its forms, this text:

  • defines what information is, why it matters and what components make up the information society;
  • explores the new models of information production, including blogging, the transition to digital news, wikis and collaborative publishing, Google, the ascendency of Big Data, and more;
  • maps the architecture of the internet, digging into key aspects of new models of information distribution such as copyright, the role of government, and threats to the open web;
  • discusses online video and the video classroom;
  • looks at mobile devices, apps, HTML5, information overload, and other issues relating to information consumption;
  • examines the implications of these new models for information professionals, demonstrating that so those who know how to manage information for the benefit of others in the digital age will be in great demand;
  • takes current trends and projects them into the future.

De Saulles is a principal lecturer in digital marketing at the University of Brighton, UK. He has worked in the information and technology fields for 20 years as a researcher, analyst, entrepreneur, writer and academic.

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