For immediate release | December 16, 2013

Raising boy readers

CHICAGO — Michael Sullivan, bestselling author of numerous children’s services titles, uses stories and anecdotes to humanize his research into boys’ reading habits and preferences in his new book “Raising Boy Readers.” Building on his expertise and previous publications such as the recent second edition of “Fundamentals of Children's Services” and “Serving Boys through Readers’ Advisory,” he conveys an understanding of the differences that are common among many boys and how these differences affect reading. His new book provides practical approaches to promote reading to boys, addressing physical differences, such as the different rates of early brain development between boys and girls; psychological issues, such as the outward focus of boys; and social issues, such as stress and confidence. It also looks at the effects of modern schooling and how these can be counterbalanced or supplemented at home. More than 300 recommended boy-friendly books are included, organized by age group, with additional commentary for selected titles. By informing parents what is behind boys’ reading behaviors, Sullivan’s book will help build confidence and reduce stress while also suggesting ways to help boys become lifelong readers. The book is published by Huron Street Press, a trade publishing imprint of the American Library Association available through Independent Publishers Group as well as numerous traditional retail outlets in both print and e-book editions.

Sullivan is the author of several other books for ALA Editions, including “Connecting Boys with Books: What Libraries Can Do” and “Connecting Boys with Books 2: Closing the Reading Gap.” He has spoken widely on the topic of boys and reading as well as library administration and the place and power of children's services. He was a children’s librarian and library director in public libraries for more than 15 years and taught public library administration for five years at Simmons College in Boston.

In line with ALA’s mission to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all, Huron Street Press, a publishing imprint of the American Library Association, harnesses the expertise of the Association and encourages library use among the public. Huron Street Press is administered through ALA Editions, which publishes resources used worldwide by tens of thousands of library and information professionals to improve programs, build on best practices, develop leadership, and for personal professional development. ALA authors and developers are leaders in their fields, and their content is published in a growing range of print and electronic formats. Contact ALA Editions at (800) 545-2433 ext. 5052 or

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