For immediate release | October 21, 2013

Virginia becomes latest state to provide United for Libraries’ Trustee Academy for their trustees

PHILADELPHIA — United for Libraries has made special pricing for its Trustee Academy available to state library agencies. The state of Virginia recently joined Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Kansas and Utah in making the Trustee Academy available for its libraries through a multiple use purchase.

“The Trustee Academy will enhance the Library of Virginia’s existing online tutorials for trustees and will assist the trustees of Virginia’s public libraries in carrying out their duties and responsibilities, “ said Librarian of Virginia Sandra G. Treadway.

“United for Libraries has developed a top-notch educational tool for trustees across the country,” said United for Libraries Executive Director Sally Gardner Reed. “It’s a very cost effective way for state libraries to ensure that trustees are well trained in their important role to govern and/or advise their libraries.”

The Trustee Academy is series of online courses to help trustees become exceptionally proficient in their roles on behalf of their libraries. All of the courses are taught by a professional in the field and are priced both à la carte so individual attendees can pick and choose what courses are important to them and as a full curriculum that reflects discounted pricing per course. The courses are “Trustee Basics, Part I,” “Trustee Basics, Part II,” “Working Effectively with the Library Director,” “The Library’s Budget,” “Advocating for Your Library” and “Evaluating the Library Director.”

Virginia trustees and library directors can access all courses online at / using the login provided by the Virginia State Library or by contacting United for Libraries for a login.

United for Libraries has developed pricing to be attractive to states or regions that want to purchase the series as a way to assist in fulfilling their mission for trustee education. The prices for state- or region-wide purchase are highly discounted – as low as $59 per library for the full board of trustees and the library director to complete all six Trustee Academy courses. Standard pricing for the full series of Trustee Academy courses is $300 per board of trustees ($225 for United for Libraries members).

For complete information about the Trustee Academy, which is also available to single trustees or boards of trustees at a single library, visit For information about purchasing the Trustee Academy for a state or region, please contact United for Libraries’ Director of Marketing & Communications Beth Nawalinski at (800) 545-2433, ext. 2161, or

United for Libraries: The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations, is a division of the American Library Association that supports those who govern, promote, advocate, and fundraise for libraries. United for Libraries brings together library Trustees, advocates, friends, and foundations into a partnership that creates a powerful force for libraries in the 21st century. For more information or to join United for Libraries, visit the United for Libraries website or contact Jillian Kalonick at (312) 280-2161 or


Jillian Kalonick

Marketing/Public Relations Specialist

United for Libraries