For immediate release | August 19, 2013

ALSC dues changes go into effect Sept. 1

CHICAGO - The Association for Library Service for Children reminded members and prospective members to be aware of an upcoming dues change. The change will take place on Sept. 1, 2013.

In April, the ALSC membership voted to approve the change to the dues structure. The changes impact personal, organizational and corporate member categories. The new dues structure includes several new categories of personal membership and a three-tiered level of organizational and corporate memberships. See the changes below:

Old ALSC membership categories and rates (end Aug. 31, 2013):


Regular - $45

Student - $18

Organizational: $45

Corporate: $45

New ALSC membership categories and rates (effective Sept. 1, 2013):

Personal (All personnel member receive the same benefits, regardless of category):

Regular - $50

Student - $20

Support Staff - $35

Non-Salaried librarian - $35

Retiree - $35

Advocate* - $25

*non-librarian teachers, parents, authors, illustrators, publishers and others interested in library service to children


$55, 1st year

$65, 2nd year

$75, 3rd year


$55, 1st year

$65, 2nd year

$75, 3rd year

Prices above do not include the cost of ALA membership. ALSC members must also be members of ALA.

The ALSC Board discussed the proposal during the 2012 Annual Conference, member-wide community forums were held in August 2012 on ALA Connect and additionally, the ALSC Budget Committee posted an FAQ to ALA Connect. On Sept. 2, 2012, ALSC President Carolyn Brodie posted an entry on the ALSC Blog, On ALSC Membership and the Dues Proposal, outlining the efforts to date and inviting commentary. In October 2012, the ALSC Budget Committee Chair solicited feedback specific to the student dues rate increase. The change to the dues categories was approved in the 2013 ALSC elections.

As a result of an increase, the association can continue to support and develop initiatives, programs and services. In spring 2013, ALSC released the Everyday Advocacy website, which is designed to educate ALSC members about the importance of advocacy. ALSC will be hosting a new mentoring program in 2013-14. This program is designed to foster the development of a new cohort of leaders within the profession.

ALSC, a division of the ALA, is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the support and enhancement of library service to children. With a network of more than 4,000 children’s and youth librarians, literature experts, publishers and educational faculty, ALSC is committed to creating a better future for children through libraries. To learn more about ALSC, visit ALSC’s website at


Dan Rude

Marketing Specialist, Membership