For immediate release | October 16, 2012

Research perspectives on digital libraries and information access

CHICAGO — “Digital Libraries and Information Access: Research Perspectives” offers an authoritative and truly global exploration of current research in digital libraries. In this new book published by Neal-Schuman Publishers, editors G.G. Chowdhury and Schubert Foo, together with a blue-ribbon team of internationally renowned academics, discuss what has been achieved with digital libraries and what we can expect in the future. Equally informative for LIS students, academics, researchers and practitioners alike, this collection includes in-depth consideration of such topics as:

  • Design and architecture of digital libraries, by Hussein Suleman;
  • Metadata and crowdsourced data for access and interaction in digital library user interfaces, by Ali Shiri and Dinesh Rathi;
  • Collaborative search and retrieval in digital libraries, by Dion Hoe-Lian Goh;
  • Towards socially inclusive digital libraries, by Chern Li Liew;
  • Users’ interactions with digital libraries, by T. D. Wilson and Elena Macevičiūtė;
  • iSTEM: integrating subject categories from multiple repositories, by Christopher C. Yang and Jung-ran Park;
  • Intellectual property and digital libraries, by Michael Fraser;
  • Digital preservation: interoperability ad modum, by Milena Dobreva and Raivo Ruusalepp.

Chowdhury is professor of information and knowledge management and director of the Center for Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. An academic researcher in different parts of the world for over two decades, he has written several books, articles and conference papers on information retrieval and digital libraries. He has served as an editorial board member of the Journal of Documentation, Library Review, Journal of Information Science, World Digital Libraries and Online Information Review as well as acting as an international program committee member at various international conferences.

Foo is professor and associate dean (graduate studies), College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has served as board member of the National Library Board and the National Archives of Singapore Board and has also served on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Information Science, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management and International Yearbook of Library and Information Management, among others. He has published more than 200 international conference and journal papers, book chapters and books in his areas of research in Internet and multimedia technology, multilingual information retrieval, digital libraries and knowledge management.

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