For immediate release | October 16, 2012

New ALA e-books and digital content website highlights business models and access issues

CHICAGO — The American Library Association (ALA) announced today the release of a new website that provides links to resources on all aspects of e-books and digital content in libraries. The website, part of the Transforming Libraries initiative, supports the work of the ALA’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group.

“The Transforming Libraries website was created to support the immediate and ongoing demands put on libraries in a digital environment that continues to expand at warp speed,” said ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels. “The new site offers a robust collection of resources that address the diverse digital content issues with which we currently wrestle, and will continue to grow and evolve into the authoritative resource for information on all aspects of the digital revolution. This will include research, tutorials, networking and other resources for libraries of all types.”

The e-books and digital content website also includes links to topic-specific ALA resources, blogs, business models, copyright and legal issues, data about digital content users and sales and pricing models.

The e-books and digital content website is a subsection of the Transforming Libraries website. Rebecca Gerber, ALA reference librarian, designed the website. The ALA Office for Research and Statistics will update and maintain the site.

“The new website reflects the contributions of the Digital Content & Libraries Working Group, which has been able to address the many digital content opportunities and issues at the highest level and from both a policy and practical perspective, said Kathy Rosa, director of the ALA Office for Research & Statistics. “In an environment that changes on a daily basis, the contributions of the working group are invaluable to the building of a dynamic resource.”

Feedback from the field is welcomed. Comments and suggestions for additional resource links may be sent to


Norman Rose

Program Officer

Office for Research and Statistics (ORS)

800-545-2433 ext. 4283