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Ethical behavior in the e-classroom

CHICAGO — “Ethical Behavior in the E-Classroom: What the Online Student Needs to Know,” published by Chandos Publishing and available through Neal-Schuman Publishers, is an important new guide for distance education students in higher education.

Cassandra J. Smith, who has participated in online classrooms as a facilitator, instructor and student, addresses pertinent topics for adult students striving to meet their personal goals in the online learning environment. Ethics in general, ethical behavior specific to online classrooms, violations of ethics in online classrooms, opportunities for applied ethics, what makes a successful online learner and critical thinking concepts are among the salient themes explored. Offering numerous real-life examples of ethical dilemmas highlighting external and internal factors that affect the decision-making process, the book also includes a practice exam. Both students and online instructors will find many valuable insights and thought-provoking ideas in this engaging book.

Smith has broad experience in the field of distance education, including writing online courses and Web-based training materials. She is also the author of a facilitator’s guide for online instructors, “Who Let This Disaster in My Classroom?: A Practical Guide for Online Instructors and Some Funny Stories Along the Way.” She has also worked as a news producer for an affiliate of a television network.

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