For immediate release | August 30, 2011

Knowledge is Power products help promote Information Literacy Awareness Month

CHICAGO — “The road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page.” —Anonymous

October is Information Literacy Awareness Month, a great time to honor teachers, librarians and other under-recognized shepherds who guide all ages through the abundant information available online and in print. When President Barack Obama declared the first Information Literacy Awareness Month in October 2009, he noted that the Information Age we live in requires a new type of literacy. Information literacy asks all citizens to find, evaluate, assess and use multiple sources of information on a regular basis to achieve understanding, live responsibly and find success in every area of life.

By teaching the rewards of lifelong learning, you can help young readers become future advocates for libraries as essential civic centers for learning and community.

How can ALA Graphics help?

The Knowledge is Power poster set, new this fall, illustrates the enduring importance of education. The four posters are handsomely illustrated, and each bears a thought-provoking quotation: “Information is the currency of democracy,” from Thomas Jefferson; “The road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page,” Anonymous; “Knowledge is power,” by Francis Bacon; and “Education is the best provision for the journey to old age,” Aristotle. These inspirational posters are perfect for display in schools, libraries, colleges, museums and other institutions that value learning. The Knowledge Set includes all four posters, as well as 50 bookmarks of each design.

To sift through information today takes 21st-century skills. The 21st-Century Learner Set, developed by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), reinforces the message that school librarians participate as active partners in the teaching and learning process, while inspiring students to think, create, learn, and grow and ultimately become informed citizens.

Find Knowledge is Power posters and bookmarks, 21st-Century Learner Set, and a wide range of other products to encourage lifelong learning at the ALAStore, where your purchases fund advocacy, awareness and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

ALA Graphics supports the ALA mission through the creation and distribution of quality products promoting libraries, literacy, lifelong learning and reading. ALA Graphics develops products based on customer need, including products that support the key action areas of the Association: diversity, education and continued learning, equity of access, intellectual freedom and 21st-century literacy.


Jennifer Lowman Day