ALA/Information Today, Inc. Library of the Future Award winner


For Immediate Release

March 23, 2010

Contact: Cheryl Malden

Program Officer


CHICAGO – The American Library Association has named the University of Michigan’s Enriching Scholarship program the 2010 winner of the ALA/Information Today, Inc. Library of the Future Award. This award is presented annually to a library that demonstrates innovative planning and development of patron training programs about information technology in a library setting.

The Enriching Scholarship is a collaborative program between the University Library, campus information technology divisions, and campus-wide academic support units that offers dozens of workshops in a week-long curriculum each May. These workshops enhance the effective integration of scholarly content and technology into teaching, service and research activities on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The University Library already plays a significant role in helping faculty stay afloat and be able to fulfill their many teaching, service and research responsibilities. The library, with its mission to provide campus-wide integration of intellectual content into teaching and research activities is well positioned to extend its teaching role to include technology instruction into these vital activities.

The Enriching Scholarship program offers faculty an opportunity to take a rich array of workshops on an extensive variety of topics, all within a week’s span. The classes are broadly clustered into six categories:

  • Web authoring and enhancement
  • Proposals, funding and evaluation
  • Multimedia tools
  • Information management
  • Technology for use with non-English language instruction
  • Course development

As University Vice Provost John Leslie King stated in his letter of support;” The program first began in 1998 and to date 5,500 individuals have attended nearly 340 sessions centered on the rapidly-changing field of technology and its impact on incoming students and our community at large…It is a model program that has great impact on our campus and outreach far beyond our physical boundaries.” The announcement of the award was made by John A. Moorman, chair of the ALA jury appointed to adjudicate applications submitted for consideration of this award.

“The award jury members were impressed by the broad-based subject structure of the Enriching Scholarship program, its long-standing support on campus, and felt that the program would be a good model for other academic libraries to use within their campuses. The support letters from campus leaders shows the respect that the program has on the University of Michigan campus.” Moorman said.

For information about the 2010 Enriching Scholarship program please visit:

The members of the 2010 ALA/Information Today, Inc. Library of the Future Award Jury are: John A. Moorman, Williamsburg Regional Library, Williamsburg, Va.; Trevor A. Dawes, Princeton University Library, Princeton, N.J.; Janet S. Fore, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, In.; Denise Kwan, Chicago Public Library, Chicago; Candice C. Scott, Schreiner University, Comfort, Texas.

The Library of the Future Award will be presented on Tuesday, June 29, at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. The deadline for submission of applications for the 2011 ALA/Information Today, Inc. Library of the Future Award is December 1. Guidelines and application forms are available on the ALA Web site:, in the Awards & Grants section under Professional Recognition.