New ACRL publication: Conversations that Work

Contact: Kathryn Deiss


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For Immediate Release

April 20, 2010

CHICAGO – The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announces the publication of “Conversations that Work: Conducting Performance Assessments” by Phillipa Brown (SPHR) and M. Sue Baughman. The third entry in the ACRL Active Guide series, “Conversations that Work” is a practical guide for addressing the real-life experiences of conducting performance evaluations in the workplace. Tools and techniques for all stages are provided, including exercises that offer the opportunity to practice and develop your assessment and evaluation skills.

The book additionally includes a variety of scenarios describing different types of evaluation conversations, providing concrete examples from which to learn. The scenarios and exercises are a mix of creative license and reconstruction of portions of actual cases from the authors’ experiences and those shared by colleagues. “Conversations that Work” provides solid advice and examples to demystify and improve the performance evaluation process.

ACRL Active Guides is an occasional series devoted to providing practical guidance on workplace issues. Previous Active Guide titles are “Life-Work Balance” and “Influencing without Authority.”

“Conversations that Work: Conducting Performance Assessments” is available for purchase through the ALA Online Store (, by telephone order at (866) 746-7252 in the U.S. or (770) 442-8633 for international customers.


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