New ACRL publication: Working Together

Contact: Kathryn Deiss

ACRL Content Strategist

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For Immediate Release

October 6, 2009

CHICAGO – The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announces the publication of a new title, “Working Together: Collaborative Information Practices for Organizational Learning” by Mary M. Somerville. “Working Together” presents a framework for comprehensive redesign of library organizations.

Around the globe, library leaders are asking: “How do we create forward thinking outcomes in the Digital Age?” In response, the profession is increasingly recognizing that we must start by transitioning current employees into new roles and responsibilities within redesigned workplace environments. Given the magnitude of external economic, technological and social changes, merely tinkering with traditional organizational models is inadequate. Rather, the forces at play require proactively moving from the old, comfortable model - designed for a world that no longer exists – to fundamentally reinvent professional assumptions, organizational structures and workplace processes.

In “Working Together,” Somerville provides a context for library decision makers as they move their organizations and workforces into the increasingly collaborative future. In addition to a review of core literature, the title presents workplace examples illustrating the efficacy of collaborative information practices orchestrated by inclusive leadership principles.

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